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Jingle Dancer Vocabulary and Amazing Words

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1 Jingle Dancer Vocabulary and Amazing Words
Second Grade Reading Unit 6 – Story 5

2 Vocabulary Words drum clattering voice jingles silver borrow moccasins
regalia shuffled

3 drum A musical instrument that makes a sound when it is beaten.

4 clattering Having a loud, rattling noise.

5 voice The sound you make with your mouth.

6 jingles A cone-shaped piece of tin sewn in rows onto a Native American dress.

7 silver A shiny white metal.

8 borrow To get something from a person or place just for a while.

9 moccasins A soft leather shoe or sandal, often without an attached heel.

10 regalia The decorations of any society.

11 shuffles To scrape or drag you feet while walking.

12 Amazing Words ceremony culture festival compliment fidget evergreen
multicolored sash

13 ceremony Something that people do to celebrate a special occasion.

14 culture The beliefs, culture, and behaviors of groups of people at a certain time.

15 festival A program of entertainment often held annually.

16 compliment Something kind said about you, or praise given to someone else.

17 fidget To move around in a restless way.

18 evergreen A word used to describe a type of tree or shrub that stays green all year long, such as pine trees.

19 multicolored Something that has many different colors.

20 sash A long piece of cloth that can be tied around you waist or worn over one shoulder; like a scarf.

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