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Second Grade Reading Unit 6 – Story 1

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1 Second Grade Reading Unit 6 – Story 1
Just Like Josh Gibson Second Grade Reading Unit 6 – Story 1

2 Vocabulary Words field cheers threw sailed plate bases soar forties
Louisville slugger

3 field A piece of land used for some special purpose.

4 cheers Calls out or yells loudly to show that you like something.

5 threw Sent something through the air by force of your arm.

6 sailed Moved smoothly like a ship with sails.

7 plate A hard rubber slab that a baseball player stands beside to bat.

8 bases Places that are stations or goals in certain games, such a baseball.

9 soar To fly upward

10 forties The years between

11 Louisville slugger A popular kind of baseball bat.

12 Amazing Words athlete challenge effort dainty disguise champion
professional shortstop

13 athlete Someone who uses skills and abilities to compete in sports.

14 challenge A test of someone’s abilities; to dare to do something.

15 effort The physical and mental energy you use to do something or to achieve a goal.

16 dainty Delicate and pretty.

17 disguise Clothes or make-up someone wears to change the way he or she looks so he or she won’t be recognized.

18 champion The winner of a game or competition.

19 professional Describes a type of job in which people are paid for their skill and training.

20 shortstop The infield position on a baseball team between second and third base.

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