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CCBC 2012/2013.

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1 CCBC 2012/2013

2 Marjeta Gojič Hi, my name is Marjeta. I'm a student at the Faculty of Humanities in Koper. I chose the Intercultural Language Mediation course programme because I'd love to learn new languages and deepen my knowledge of Italian and English. I've spent my life in a bilingual territory, so I've learned to understand and cherish it's peculiarities. I hope that some day my love for languages and my interest in the study of different sociocultural backgrounds will help protect such cultural environments. I sincerely enjoy working with people. I'm curious, I love to feel helpful and share my knowledge. My idea of having a good time always includes creative challenge and team working, so it is no wonder that along with portrait drawing I got interested in the art of make-up and spend my leisure time organizing and setting up photo shoots, connecting with young clothing, jewellery, accessory designers, independent film makers and musicians. This project doesn't have to be just informative and educational - let's make it fun :)

3 With friends before a concert
Marko Dimač I'm a second year student and I study Intercultural linguistic mediation. My goal is to help people understand each other because I think that this is the first step towards a better world. This is one of the reasons why I have chosen this study program. I speak Slovenian, Italian, English, Serbo-Croatian and a bit of German and Spanish. I cannot stand conformism, especially mental conformism. This is why I think in a socially critical way. I regard this ability as crucial in this mass media overwhelmed society. My anticonformism is also expressed through my appearance since I dress like an 80's rocker and wear long hair. I am a free spirit and a dreamer. I have problems with strict hierarchies and I hardly take orders because I think all people are diverse and equal. I like going to rock concerts, listening to 80's rock music, hanging out with my friends and taking walks in nature. I am also an activist. I think that we are all obliged to leave the world in a better condition for the future generations. With friends before a concert

4 Kaja Favento Perkovič My name is Kaja Favento Perkovič and I'm a 22 years old student of Intercultural linguistic mediation at the Faculty of Humanities Koper. I'd like to be an interpreter and translator. In my free time I try to spend as much time as I can with my family and my friends, go for a walk or grab a cup of coffee. I consider myself an open minded, friendly person, willing to help others.

5 Katja Stojić I am an 18 year old girl who above all likes stories. Whether they are in a shape of a book, film, anime, TV show, it doesn't really matter, as long as it is a good one. I'm a first year student of The Media Studies at The Faculty of Humanities Koper. I was born in Kranj, so I had to move to Koper this year. I speak English, Spanish, a bit of French and I just started taking an Italian course. I like reading science fiction, history, adventure and love novels, hanging out with my friends and taking long walks along the beach or in the forest where I can get inspired. I also enjoy watching animes, Japanese cartoons and going to the cinema. My way of expressing myself is throughout words. I manly write prose – short stories and novels, but I've also started writing poems in English. I believe art has a huge importance in our lives and I don't like people who say that's not true and have zero imagination. I also can't stand phonies, liars and people who have prejudices towards a certain religion, skin color, nationality, etc. My goal in life is to move to Ireland or Great Britain and live there, surrounded with green grass, that's just so different from ours (our 'green color' is not really green), nice people who have just an amazing accent and of course, their culture which still believes in magic. I would like to work in the publishing business, the press or maybe as an event planer or something like that, where I could use my imagination and creativity.

6 Marija Mihajlovska *Hi! My name is Marija and I am from Bitola, Macedonia. I am first year at the Faculty of Humanities in Koper. I came here because I like travelling and discovering new places, cultures and people. * I’m hardworking, responsible, always open to learn something new and to adopt the rules of the community of which I’m a part at that moment . Actually I don’t want to speak about myself, I leave place for the others to do that. * I don’t talk, I prove. * My moto is NEVER IS ENOUGH! * I have joined this project because I want to share my knowledge and experience with the colleagues around the world.

7 Petra Hozjan Hi! My name is Petra and I am a first year student at the Faculty of Humanities in Koper. I chose to study languages because they're useful and interesting. I'm optimistic, easygoing, open minded and I love to meet new people and make them happy; there is nothing more fulfilling than bringing laughter or a smile to someone's face. In my spare time I love relaxing and doing nothing, taking pictures, listening to the music, reading good quotes that inspire me and of course hanging out with friends. Geez, now that I look at myself, I'm kind of average and boring person, but I guess I'm pretty happy being me. Plans for my future are to become a language translator or to work as a teacher in language school. I have few life mottos but that's my favourite one: »Let the things you love be your escape.«

8 Elsa Apollonio I'm Elsa Apollonio, a first year student of "Italian Studies". I live in Koper (Slovenia), a small city on the Adriatic coast, near Italy. I'm a calm and friendly person, chaotic and finical at the same time. I love art, music, literature, and discovering new cultures. In the spare time I like to watch movies, paint, read novels, walk and take photos. I like routine if it doesn't last too much, even if it sounds pretty clashing. I like to take new challenges and live them out. I also have many dreams, so I'm trying to live by taking chances without setting any goals. For now i just want to improve my language skills.

9 Lea Favento Perkovič Hi, my name is Lea Favento Perkovič I'm 18 years old. I'm a student of Intercultural Linguistic Mediation at the Faculty of Humanistic studies in Koper. I really like languages and I like learning them travelling around the world. In a few years I hope to finish the university, find a job and move to another country. In my free time I love to listen to the music, go to the cinema and hang out with my friends. My favourite hobby is snowboarding.

10 Tomaž Kariž Hey! My name is Tomaž Karžin and I am 21 years old. I am from Sežana and currently a first year student at the University of Humani ties in Koper studying intercultural linguisitc mediation. I am a friendly, nice, positive, and communicative person. I like learning languages, especially English, French, and Italian so I am hoping that one day I will be able to work with languages, and that is the reason why I chose to study here. I also like to travel a lot and I would love to go live abroad one day, so this is another reason why to study languages. My favourite hobbies are different sports and I like spending my free time with my girlfriend or just hanging out with my friends. I also like to listen to all sorts of music depending on the occasion. I like working in a group so I am looking forward to this project were we will run a company together. I also like meeting new people from all over the world so I am also looking forward to meet other participants in this interesting project.

11 Moreno Alessio I am Moreno Alessio, a Junior student of Italianistica (Italian studies) at the Faculty of Humanistic Studies in Koper, Slovenia. I consider myself a funny guy, but only with people I like and I've known for some time. I am a bit of a loner, although I have a group of friends I enjoy being with. I'm not used to working with people, but I am quite friendly and polite with others. I am very calm, and not very competitive. I speak fluent Italian, Slovene, I'm fairly confident in English, and currently I'm learning Spanish, French, and Chinese (but that might be a long shot). My hobbies include mainly indoors activities, such as watching movies, listening to music, or playing videogames. Then again, I do like walking around, or simply driving around in both cars and on motorbikes. Future plans? We'll see, but it will most likely involve foreign languages.

12 David Isakovski My name is David. I'm from Croatia but I lived two years in Slovenia and other two in Italy. After I moved back from Italy I worked for a year and half for a hotel company in the sales department. I decided to come back to school to improve the languages I already speak and to learn some more. I drive every day for about 45 min to get to school so this gives me time to listen to music. I spend most of my free time online. I'm not into sports but in winter I try to stay active by swimming at the local pool. I have two coker spaniels and I’m taking care of my neighbour’s cat. I'm very excited, and the University of Primorska looks like a very friendly place.

13 Patricija Ploj My name is Patricija. I am 19 years old and I live near Ljutomer, in a small village called Cven. I am studying languages at Faculty of Humanities in Koper. I am very open minded, easy going person, who always tries to see everything positive. In my free time I like to hang out with friends, go to cinema or read a book. I also enjoy cycling or rollerblading while listening to music. I joined the CCBC course because I would like to expand my vocabulary and to meet new people.

14 Manuela Hrnjić Hello! I am Manuela Hrnjić from Slovenia. I am 26 years old and I live in a small pleasant city on the Slovenian coast called Izola. I am a student of the Faculty of Humanistic Studies in Koper where I am currently studying intercultural language intervention. I love languages and I would like to speak as many as possible. I spend almost all of my time between faculty and handball which is my passion. I am a professional handball player and I began to play it when I was 7 years old. I am a member of the Slovenian national handball team and it makes me feel very proud. In my spare time (what is left of it) I like to walk by the sea, to watch good movies, to hang around with my friends and most of all to be with my family and who I really care about. My family represents a very important and special part in my life. I consider myself as a very sociable, determinate, open-minded and comprehensible person willing to help anyone who needs it.

15 Petra Duh Hello, my name is Petra Duh and I am 21 years old. I come from Piran, this is a small, old, but beautiful town on the Slovenian coast. I live with my dad Aleksander and brother Matic and for me, they are most important persons in my life. I study in Koper in Faculty of Humanities and I am learning 4 different languages and one of them is English, which I like the most. For me it is very useful to know more languages, because I like to travel around to see new places and meet new people and get to know their culture, habits.. I am a sporty type of a person, I played handball for years, but now I like to go in fitness and exercise or if it is sunny day I like running, walking in nature or go with bike. I am very friendly person and I love hanging out with my friends. As all »young people« I also like to go out and partying, especially because I love music and I adore dancing.

16 Martina Hello. My name is Martina, I'm from Koper, was born here and lived here since. I'm a student at the Faculty of Humanities in Koper. I love languages that's why I decided to study here. I speak English, Spanish, Italian and now I want to improve it a lot, so I will be able to work in other countries someday. I also want to learn French, because I know that it is very important world language beside English. As a person I’m funny, happy, realistic, friendly and also lazy, but if I like something I can be very motivated and focused. I am also an animal lover, so I’d like to help them as much as I could in my free time. I am very outgoing, love to spend time with my friends, going to the cinema or going on long walks. I join CCBC because I want to improve my English.

17 Valentina Pecchiari My name is Valentina Pecchiari, I'm 19 years old and I come from Trieste. I know the Slovene language, because I belong to the Slovene minority and because I studied in Slovene schools in my city. I love to travel, learn about new cultures and living styles. I like music, I also play the flute in an orchestra and sing in a choir. I do not consider myself as a very sociable person, but if someone needs help I'm always available. I'm a friendly, hardworking and open-minded person.

18 Maša Tihel My name is Maša Tihel, I’m 19 years old and I come from the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana. I moved to the coast because of my studies, I study at the Faculty of humanities in Koper where I’m studying intercultural linguistic mediation. I always wanted to study languages and become a translator or mediator. In my free time I love to write and draw, but mostly I love to listen to some good music and hang out with my awesome roommates.

19 Vesna Kos I’m 19 years old and I study in the Faculty of Humanistic Studies in Koper. In my free time I read books (my favorite is half of the yellow sun), watch movies (The Green mile) and hang out with my friends. Even though I’m a student I work during the weekends in my home towns’ local museum as a receptionist to save money for my passion which is traveling. My goal in life is to visit all of the continents (except for the Antarctic, because it's too cold). Last country I visited was Uganda. Because I'm clumsy I don't do sports activities, but I try to go running every morning to stay fit. I would describe myself as a fun, friendly and determent person.

20 Ana Durn My name is Ana Durn and I'm 21 years old. I live in a small village of Vrhpolje with my family. I study languages at the Faculty of Koper. In my free time I like to hang out with my friends, do sports of any kind, because I love sports and I cannot imagine my life without it. I also like watching movies with my friends. My favourite movies are those which are based on true stories or action movies. I love to travel and meet new people and make new friendships. I would describe myself as a fun, easy going person who likes to have a good time and doesn’t take life too seriously, although I can be very determined when I want to be. My favourite quote is never regret anything you do, because in the end it makes you who you are.

21 Filip Capuder My name is Filip and I'm 19 years old. I live in Žiri, but for the time of my studies, I live in Koper, where I'm a student of The Faculty of Humanities, more speciffically The Media Studies. As a person, I am rather quiet, but opened for many different things and have many interests – music (I play piano and guitar), sports (tennis, ski-jumping), travelling and film-making. I even applied to the film school, but I didn't manage to get in. Still, to become a film director is the goal of my life.

22 Lenka Hermanová My name is Lenka Hermanová and I was born in Moravská Třebová, but I live in Brno, which is the second biggest city in the Czech Republic. I suppose I am a person, who is very difficult to define. Although I am a social person I prefer working on my own. On the other hand I am able to cooperate with a team and respect other people’s opinions and views. My way of thinking is logical, but I am not very creative. My friends say that I am stubborn, what I consider as my weakness. My hobbies are sports, reading and watching British and American TV series. I love meeting new people, that’s why I decided to go on Erasmus exchange to Slovenia. In the last few years I have visited a few countries all over Europe and next year I would like to see the United states of America.

23 Aljaž Bračič My name is Aljaž. I live in Koper where I am also studying. But I was born and bread in the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana. I like Koper very much because weather here is much better than in Ljubljana. I like all types of sports especially tennis and football. I also like to hang out with my friends and I think I am obsessed with caffeine because I drink more than 4 cups of it a day. I am very easygoing and friendly. I really like learning new things and meeting people around the globe.

24 Zala Vuga Hello everybody!
My name is Zala Vuga and I'm a nineteen years old student of Faculty of Humanities in Koper. I love being in nature because that's the place where I can be relaxed and worriless especially while riding or photographing. My biggest wish is to travel all around the world, to meet as many different cultures and people as possible, to see the beauties of our world and to experience the greatest adventures ever. Yet I must admit I love my city, I love my country, its people, its difference because in a day you can drive through many different landscape seeing mountains, valleys, rivers, caves and at the end you'll reach the Mediterranean see. And exactly because of this I would really like Slovenia to be more known worldwide and that people would stop confusing us with Slovakia or Yugoslavia.

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