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Instruction, Assessment & Student Achievement Presented: September 23, 2013 Bessie Weller Elementary School.

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1 Instruction, Assessment & Student Achievement Presented: September 23, 2013 Bessie Weller Elementary School

2 What are Standards of Learning (SOLs)? All students work on standards of learning each year. SOL objectives are taught for all academic areas including reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, science, music, health/physical education, art. SOL testing begins in 3 rd grade and continues through 12 th grade.

3 When do students test in the SOLs? Content Area3 rd Grade4 th Grade5 th Grade Reading** Writing** Mathematics* Science** History (Beginning this yr) (Last year) * = NEW test in 2012; ** = NEW test in 2013

4 State Federal Accreditation Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) Who rates schools? Does the passing rate for students meet the established benchmarks?

5 State Accreditation STATE: English: 75% Math: 70% Science: 70% History: 70% 395 schools NOT accredited 95 of 132 divisions What is the state rating? BESSIE: English: 67% Math: 68% Science: 69% History: 79% Accredited with Warning (2 nd year in Mathematics) (1 st year in English & Science)

6 Math scores increased by 24 percentage points Celebrations from 2012-2013

7 Federal AMOs Includes only Reading and Mathematics Benchmarks increase each year and are different for every subject and subgroup Examines participation and performance of 9 subgroups 36 benchmarks must be met by elementary schools Only 41% of schools in Virginia met ALL AMOs What is the federal rating?

8 Bessie Weller Elementary School Subgroup Based on 12-13 data All Students Gap Group 1 (EcDis, SPED, ELL) Gap Group 2 (African-Am) Gap Group 3 (Hispanic) Students with Disabilities English Language Learners Economically Disadvantaged Asian White Mathematics Participation Mathematics Performance Reading Participation Reading Performance X 73% (74%) Met 35 of 36 benchmarks = 97% of federal benchmarks

9 Why is Bessie Weller a focus school? Spring 2012 testing: Missed in Gap Group 2 (black) Reading Title I school (receiving federal funding) Focus school for minimum of 2 years Spring 2013 testing: Met Gap Group performance Spring 2014 testing: MAY exit at end of this year if school continues to meet benchmarks for Gap Groups

10 How does our school plan to meet the benchmarks? Support from the Staunton City School Division 1. Monthly coaching meetings with school division leaders to provide support to the school. 2. Weekly meetings with the Director of Assessment and School Improvement. 3. Monthly meetings with school principals to enhance leadership skills.

11 How does our school plan to meet the benchmarks? State Support 1. Monthly meetings with a coach assigned by the state of Virginia. 2. Monthly state sponsored webinars that provide information about school improvement. 3. Use of the Indistar program for tracking our school improvement plan.

12 How does our school plan to meet the benchmarks? School Support 1. SIT- School Improvement Team: 12 members from our school. This team meets twice per month. 2. Faculty Meetings- twice per month focused on enhancing instructional skills. 3. Professional Learning Communities- meet at least once per week. PLC works on learning goals, planning, assessment, and meeting individual student needs.

13 School Improvement Plan 2013-2014 Developed by: School Improvement Team Supported by: All staff in the school Work with teams on learning goals, planning, assessment, and student achievement weekly. Provide enhanced instructional strategy at monthly faculty meetings. Use grade level assessments to determine student needs. Align interventions with student needs for enrichment and intervention. Monitor interventions monthly to track student progress. Use classroom observation data to determine additional staff development needs.

14 School Improvement is a collaborative effort...

15 How can you help support our improvement efforts? Meet with or contact your child’s teacher when you have questions about what they are learning or how they are learning Attend parent informational sessions and family literacy and math events to better understand the curriculum Provide a quiet place at home for your child to do homework and read Talk with your child daily about school Let us know what else you need to support your child

16 Our staff members are dedicated to providing all students with a high quality education so that each child can succeed in school and in life. Plan for Success!

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