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Cowboys Vocabulary and Amazing Words

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1 Cowboys Vocabulary and Amazing Words
Second Grade Reading Unit 6 – Story 5

2 Vocabulary Words cattle trails cowboy railroad herd campfire galloped
chuckwagon bellowed roundup

3 cattle Animals raised for their meat, milk, or skins.

4 trails Paths across fields or through the woods.

5 cowboy A person who works on a cattle ranch.

6 railroad A road or track of two steel rails.

7 herd A group of the same kinds of animals.

8 campfire An outdoor fire used for cooking or staying warm.

9 galloped To run very fast.

10 chuckwagon A wagon or truck that carries food and cooking equipment for cowhands.

11 bellowed To make a loud, deep noise.

12 roundup The act of driving or bringing cattle together from long distances.

13 Amazing Words climate livestock occupation buckaroo drover lariat
legend rawhide

14 climate T he kind of weather that happens in a particular place.

15 livestock Animals such as cows or chickens that are raised on a farm.

16 occupation The work that a person does to earn a living.

17 buckaroo Another name for cowboy or cowhand.

18 drover Another name for a cowboy who herds droves of cattle along a trail.

19 lariat Another name for a lasso, or stiff ropes with a sliding loop at one end used for catching horses or cows.

20 legend A story that has been passed down through the years that many people believe.

21 rawhide An animal hide that has not been tanned, or made into leather.

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