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September 11 th 2014.  water every day (own fruit may be brought for playtime)  PE kits-please make sure your child can fasten and unfasten buttons.

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1 September 11 th 2014

2  water every day (own fruit may be brought for playtime)  PE kits-please make sure your child can fasten and unfasten buttons  coats for playtime and when taking part in outdoor learning (later we will ask for wellingtons- names inside please)  book bags in every day (just for reading books and homework books please)

3  That you feel informed about what is happening in school.  That you are informed about what we need you to do at home to help your child.

4  website  texts  letters - please check book bags.  notices  each half term we inform you of what your child will be learning

5  Appointments can be made through the office or directly with the teacher. Meetings will then be arranged at a convenient time. Please let us know what it is concerning so that we can be as helpful as possible.  We can only take very quick, short messages as the children line up.  Children need to learn to take responsibility for delivering homework/ letters and looking after their own things.


7  Your child is rewarded for following the rules by being given a Happygram.  When 10 have been collected they can be brought into school. A special sticker is awarded at our Friday Good News Assembly.  Good News Certificates are given for very good work or good behaviour. We also have a kindness book.  A trophy is awarded to one child in each class each week,  Stickers are given out in class.  Head teacher’s certificates are awarded each half term.

8  a reminder is given  there is an opportunity for the child to think about what he/she has done  if the behaviour continues a Happygram cannot be given  we will speak to you  if we to do this on a few occasions you will be asked to speak to the Key Stage Manager, then to Mr McCorriston  Poor behaviour will lead to the withdrawal of special treats such as movie nights

9  are to boost learning  intended to be short term  at the moment are to help children to learn more sounds so that they can achieve the next assessment level

10  Children placed in an appropriate groups according to assessments carried out.  Children are assessed every few weeks and may move between groups.

11  Counting, learning addition facts, learning times tables-10x 5x 2x, applying what you know to larger numbers, taking calculations step by step to help gain understanding.  Beat That Test- questions to be completed very quickly- addition facts  CLIC test- 10 questions to help assess children’s understanding of week’s work.

12  This will be given on Friday to be returned by Wednesday the following week- your child needs to take the book to their maths group.  Your child will be asked to learn number facts or times tables, practise what they have done in class, or apply what they know.  Please keep revising and testing work from previous weeks.

13  new R Wr Inc scheme- Literacy and Language in place for children when their group have completed the grey books  phonic assessments every 4 weeks  movement between the groups  reading, comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, writing  class writing every week

14  The children read their library books every day in school and change the books themselves.  Reading and discussion need to be part of the daily routine at home.

15  Let your child see you read and read to them  Tell your child about interesting things that you have read in newspapers, magazines and books.  Visit the local library.  Visit bookshops.  Sit with your child every night and engage with them in their reading. Please make comments in their reading record book to assist the teachers.  Discuss with them about what they have read in the book.  Ask them to retell the story.  Talk about interesting words and identify words or interesting phrases that they might use in their writing.  Occasionally ask them to write the sequence of the story and identify characters.

16  Every Monday the children will be given spellings to learn for the next Monday.  The spellings practise a particular sound as well as the key words that Key Stage One children need to learn.  Please keep practising them during the week. Keep the book in your child’s reading bag until the following Monday.

17  Year 1s- phonic screening check will be carried out in the week beginning June 15th 2015(see school website).  Last year 93% achieved the expected level (32 words read correctly out of 40).  Year 2s – SATs. Levels are awarded according to teacher assessment and the tests are only used to aid our own assessments.  Special request- would you please register your views of our school on the Ofsted website through our own school website? Thank you

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