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Wings By: Christopher Myers

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1 Wings By: Christopher Myers
Genre: Fantasy A story in which unbelievable things happen

2 Words to know attention complained drifting giggle glaring looping
struggled swooping

3 More Words to Know gawk – to stare in a rude way
snickered – laughed in a sly, silly way

4 Attention Careful thinking, looking, or listening

5 Complained Said that you are unhappy or annoyed or upset about something

6 Drifting Being carried along by currents of air or water

7 Giggle To laugh in a silly or uncontrolled way

8 Glaring Staring angrily

9 Looping Forming a line, path, or motion shaped so that it crosses itself

10 Struggled Tried hard, worked hard against difficulties.

11 Swooping Coming down fast on something

12 Let’s Practice!

13 The roller coaster kept around and around, crossing itself.

14 Looping

15 He about his food because it was not very good.

16 Complained

17 If you always pay close in school, you should get very good grades.

18 Attention

19 She to finish the hard test.

20 Struggled

21 I tried not to when she fell on the ice, but it was so funny!

22 Giggle

23 She must have been angry with me because I could see her at me from across the room.

24 Glaring

25 The hawk came down on the mouse. It must have been time to eat!

26 Swooping

27 The balloons were in the air after the girl let them go.

28 Drifting

29 Let’s listen to our story!

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