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Building and Recognizing Quality School Systems District Accreditation JeffersonCountySchools.

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1 Building and Recognizing Quality School Systems District Accreditation JeffersonCountySchools

2 © 2008 AdvancED 2 2 All schools in Jefferson County have been awarded SACS Accreditation. The accreditation process enables the school to analyze programming and develop strategies aimed at student achievement improvement. This year the district is pursuing SACS Accreditation.

3 © 2008 AdvancED 3 3 Why Gain District Accreditation? Assures the district is working toward continuous improvement Works to increase student learning and organizational effectiveness Stimulates, supports and examines how all parts of the school system work as a team Encourages growth to achieve excellence

4 © 2008 AdvancED 4 Three Pillars The Cornerstones of Accreditation Accredited Schools/Districts Must: Meet high standards Engage in continuous improvement Demonstrate quality assurance

5 © 2008 AdvancED 5 7 Accreditation Standards Vision and Purpose Governance and Leadership Teaching and Learning Documenting and Using Results Resources and Support Systems Stakeholder Communications and Relationships Commitment to Continuous Improvement 5

6 © 2008 AdvancED 6 Improvement Process Elements Plan and Implementation What future are you pursuing ? Vision Profile What is your current reality? What actions will you take to improve? What have you accomplished? Results Monitoring

7 © 2008 AdvancED 7 7 Quality Assurance Internal Review (mirror) The district implements methods to monitor progress and determine effectiveness of efforts through TCSPP External Review (window) The district participates in a Quality Assurance Review every five years through SACS Accreditation

8 © 2008 AdvancED Quality Assurance The district designs and implements a program of assessment practices and methods to monitor and document improvement provide meaningful feedback and support ensure standards are met and strengthened make certain there is alignment of efforts within the system The district collects and uses assessment data and results to determine actions 8 8 TCSPP Internal and Ongoing

9 © 2008 AdvancED 9 Quality Assurance External Review The Hallmark of Accreditation SACS Review Every Five Years District hosts a visit by a national team of professional peers. That team: Evaluates adherence to the AdvancED quality standards. Assesses the efficacy and impact of the districts continuous improvement process. Assesses the effectiveness of the districts methods for quality assurance. Identifies strengths deserving of commendations and provide recommendations for improvement. Makes an accreditation recommendation for national review.

10 © 2008 AdvancED 10 5-Year Accreditation Term Constantly Assess Learn Improve Host a Quality Assurance Review Team Submit Progress Report Two Years After the Visit Submit Standards Assessment Report

11 © 2008 AdvancED 11 Standards Assessment Report Executive Summary of System Standards Section (for each standard) Narrative describing evidence Guided by focus questions Assessment of indicators and over-all standard Rubrics Description of Quality Assurance Methods Identification of Peer-to-Peer Practice Conclusion: General insights, Strengths and Challenges

12 © 2008 AdvancED 12 Steps to District Accreditation Applicant Submit Letters Complete Self-Assessment (TCSPP) Host a Readiness Visit Candidate Prepare For the Visit Host the Visit Accredited Act on Findings Report on Progress

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