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Build a Free Website1 Build A Website For Free 2 ND Edition By Mark Bell.

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1 Build a Free Website1 Build A Website For Free 2 ND Edition By Mark Bell

2 Build a Free Website 2 Introduction What Is the Internet? What Is the World Wide Web? What Is a Web Page? What Is a Website? What Is a Web Browser?

3 Build a Free Website 3 What Is the Internet? Internet is a network of computers.

4 Build a Free Website 4 What Is the World Wide Web? The World wide web is a method of viewing the information on those networked computers. The World wide web is a collection of certain files on certain computers. Web Server Your Computer

5 Build a Free Website 5 What Is a Web Page? A web page is a file of information that can be accessed and displayed on your computer. When you access the file, it is downloaded to your computer.

6 Build a Free Website 6 What Is a Website? A Website is a collection of web pages. Web Page Website

7 Build a Free Website 7 What Is a Web Browser? A web browser is a piece of software on your computer or mobile device that you use to access web page on websites. A web browser is a tool you use to view websites and also to help you to create websites.  Internet Explorer (Microsoft)-  Chrome (Google)-  Firefox (Mozilla)- http://firefox.com  Safari (Apple)-

8 Build a Free Website 8 Part I: The Basics The Order of Things  Website creation Process Choosing Location for Your Site  Web Hosting  What is a web server?  Determine Your Web Hosting Needs Cost Technical Knowledge Required Maintenance needs Storage Space Domain Name Service

9 Build a Free Website 9 Part II: Plan And Prep Planning Your Site  Keep your website simple, consistent, and easy to maintain. Designing Your Site  Design ideas, colors, fonts, images Gathering Your Tools  Find the right tools for the job Moving Files to and from the internet  Have an organizational structure

10 Build a Free Website 10 Part III: Website Building Basics Elements of a Website Using Existing Websites: Myspace, Facebook, other Web 2.0 (Flickr, Twitter, Web Page services: Google Sites HTML 101: The structure of HTML Working with Images: Web Graphics Working with Multimedia: Digital audio & video files Building a site Using HTML: Parts of the page How’d They Do That? Templates Making Your Site Mobile: Use the right code

11 Build a Free Website 11 Part IV: Site Testing & Maintenance Testing Your Website Promoting Your Website Maintaining Your Website

12 Build a Free Website 12 Part V: Website Workshop Building a Blog Using WordPress Building a business Site Using a content Management System Building a Multimedia Building a Site Using a Wiki

13 Build a Free Website 13 The Website Creation Process Planning Design Building Testing Promotion and Maintenance

14 Build a Free Website 14 1. Planning Why am I building this website? How do I want this website to function? What goals do I have for the website? Is this a website I expect people to come to once or return to often? Who is going to design, build, test, and maintain the website? What tools will be used to build the website? What is my website budget? Who do I want to visit my website?

15 Build a Free Website 15 2. Design There are many ways to design a website. Design is more than just graphics. Design includes the way the pages are organized (site structure), the buttons or links that enable the site visitor to get to those pages (navigation elements), and technical details such as how the programming language will is used. Everyone wants a unique website, so it is important for you to look at as many websites as you can before planning. The key to creating an excellent website is taking your unique content and matching it to an excellent design.

16 Build a Free Website 16 3. Building Building is the actual work of creating pages, editing graphics, making links, managing multimedia, and adding scripts and other elements to the server. The building section covers web page creation tools, graphic tools, and other utilities that enable you to quickly create a single page or an entire site without writing a single line of code.

17 Build a Free Website 17 4. Testing Testing is ensuring that everything on your website works. Nothing is more frustrating than going to a website and finding links that don’t work or images that are missing (404 error). Some of the things you should test include navigation (moving from page to page in the site), graphics, and content (be sure no information is missing from your pages). You also need to get into the habit of testing and retesting your website with each change you make, even after your site is up and running.

18 Build a Free Website 18 5. Promotion and Maintenance After you have planned designed, built and tested your website, you are ready to send it into the world. You need to promote your website to others, make sure it appears on search engines, and promote it to people you don’t know. You need to maintain and update your site so that people have a reason to come back to it.

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