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Everything you wanted to know about but were afraid to ask!

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1 Everything you wanted to know about but were afraid to ask!

2 Prohibit all personnel from obtaining knowledge of test items or passage content before, during, and after testing Train all personnel involved in the testing process on State Test Security Law, Security Guidelines Testing Guidelines:

3 Restrict handling of test materials to authorized personnel at all times Implement check-in, check-out, and quantity verification procedures for all test materials Return test materials immediately when the entire administration is completed

4 Store test materials in a centrally- located locked room that is inaccessible to unauthorized persons Conceal all instructional or reference materials in the test setting which are related to the content area being assessed. Testing Guidelines:

5 Turn off all electronic communication devices (cell phones, pagers, PDAs, etc.) in the test setting Confirm identity of each student is the person named on the answer document for every testing session Require Test Administrators to remain with the students and be observant and non-disruptive throughout the testing session Testing Guidelines:

6 Require Test Administrators and Proctors to carefully adhere to all test administration and accommodation instructions, following appropriate schedules Prohibit coaching students in any way during State assessments Prohibit reading test items and passages by anyone other than the students being tested, unless indicated in test instructions or accommodations Testing Guidelines: School Security Procedures

7 Ensure that test items are not reproduced, duplicated, or paraphrased in any way, for any reason, by any person Ensure students respond to test without assistance from anyone Maintain confidentiality of student- specific accountability demographic information and test results at all times Document test security concerns, including missing materials, on the Breach of Testing Security Report Form Testing Guidelines:

8 TCA 49-1-607 Noncompliance with security guidelines of the TCAP or successor test. Any person found to have not followed security guidelines for administration of the TCAP test, or a successor test, including making or distributing unauthorized copies of the test, altering a grade or answer sheet, providing copies of answers or test questions, or otherwise compromising the integrity of the testing process shall be placed on immediate suspension, and such actions will be grounds for dismissal, including dismissal of tenured employees. Such actions shall be grounds for revocation of state license. [Acts 1992, ch. 535, 4.] If necessary, contact the Office of Teacher Licensing at (615) 532-4880. Breech of Security: Security Issues Handout

9 Breech of Security: Not following guidelines Making copies Altering answers Consequences: Suspension, Dismissal or revoking of license. Handout Section I: Test Security

10 Test Security Procedures – Updated procedures due April 10, 2006 Memo – Online data entry session April 26. Bring 5 items listed on memo. Packet of Materials:

11 Test Administrator (TEACHER) See Handout: Section V: Test Administration

12 Test Administrator (TEACHER) See Handout: Section VI: Coordinators Checklist

13 Student Answer Sheet See Handout: TCAP Achievement Handout

14 Teacher Name: Mary Johnson Mary J. Johnson Johnson, Mary Johnson, Mary J.

15 Coding Use no. 2 pencil only, erase changes completely. Check to see that no extraneous marks appear on the answer documents. The test administrators name must be written on the answer document EXACTLY as it appears on the Group Information Sheet (GIS). The same name must be entered on the online SGL. Student Accountability Demographic Information must be coded in the test books for grades K-3 and on the answer documents for grades 4-8. VERIFY ALL CODING PRIOR TO SHIPPING BACK TO THE STATE. Document on AYP Demographic Review Form. Student Accountability Demographic Information: Answer Document

16 Handout Glen/Jennifer Rita ELL Excluded Absent Bubble Katrina Test Version Last name, first name, MI

17 Katrina and Rita Coding New Grades 3-8: Box State Use Only, Column 9, bubble 0 for Katrina, bubble 1 for Rita.Grades 3-8: Box State Use Only, Column 9, bubble 0 for Katrina, bubble 1 for Rita.

18 Comprehensive English Language Learning Assessment (CELLA) The testing requirements for ELL have changed: ELL students must take an English proficiency assessment. ELL students must participate in the reading/language arts assessment. ELL students must participate in the mathematics assessment, with accommodations as necessary. New

19 CELLA and ELL Exclusion New English Language Learner (ELL) Accommodations chart located in the Test Administration Manuals. Information about ELL Excluded has changed. There is no blanket exclusion of ELL students. ELL students may have their scores for Gateway Language Arts, Achievement Mathematics and Reading/Language Arts or CELLA Reading/Language Arts excluded from the calculations for AYP Accountability if they meet the following guidelines: 1. are identified on the Home Language Survey as speaking a language other than English, and 2. score limited English proficient on the CELLA, and 3. are in their first year of enrollment in a U.S. school. New

20 2005-2006 Accommodations Allowable Accommodations Special Accommodations Unique Adaptive Accommodations Charts along with the instructions are available online. May be used only if indicated on the students IEP or 504 Service Plan. Send request form to Malinda Tuttle in the Special Education Division at (615) 532- 9702. Use of accommodations should be based on individual student need. Handout: 2005-2006 TCAP Accommodations Instructions

21 4-8 Test Book Response Accommodation –Test books that have been written in by students as an accommodation must be packed to travel with the transcribed answer document. –Stack order: GIS, Transcribed answer document, test booklet, next students answer document Read Aloud Accommodation –Students in groups receiving the Read Aloud accommodation must all be using the same version of the test. Mathematics Tables –May only use clean copies –See the TAM for further instructions. Calculators –May be used on both Part 1 and Part 2 of TCAP Achievement Math –See TAM for further instructions. Accommodations Updates

22 Group Information Sheet (GIS) Test Administrator –Complete a GIS for each stack of answer documents whose students scores are to be reported together. –Make sure all answer documents are under a GIS form. Any that should not be scored should placed under an Inactive Test Material (ITM) Form. –Bound answer documents with the proper form. Building Testing Coordinator –Verify that the appropriate answer documents are under the Teacher Name that appears on the GIS. –Check all information. The GIS information must match what is entered on the Online School Group List (SGL). –Check materials that have been placed under and ITM form to verify they are not to be scored. –Bound answer documents with the proper form. Online School Group List (SGL) New Handout: Section VII: Post-Test Procedures

23 Group Information Sheets (GIS) TCAP Mary Johnson Mary J. Johnson Johnson, Mary Johnson, Mary J.

24 Online School/Group List (SGL) The Online School/Group List provides a comprehensive list of all GIS forms for each school. Use the SGL to cross reference information from the GIS forms and to verify the number of answer documents to be scored/scanned. Complete the hard copy SGL. Make a copy. Put one copy in the return box and bring the second copy to the Tech Center on April 25 to use to complete the Online SGL. New Handout: Memo

25 Online School/Group List (SGL) Keep the following points in mind when preparing the Online SGL: –If a teacher/administrator/group has more than one GIS with answer documents to be scored/scanned, the information for each set should be listed separately. –Online SGL information must be entered by grade for the Achievement test. –Print a copy of the Online SGL to keep at the school and system. New April 26 @ Tech Center, 9:00 a.m.

26 On-line School Group List Building Testing Coordinator –Use the paper SGL form provided to gather GIS information. –Confirm document count. –Complete inventory using Shipping Order Form. –Enter SGL on TCAP Reports website – April 26. –Verify document count. –Print copy of SGL from web. –This copy of the SGL will be returned with the answer documents in white box #1 for the school. Shipping Order Form

27 TCAP Online Reports Report of Irregularity School Group List New for Secondary Assessments Faculty Student for Teacher Effect Data Entry

28 On-line School Group List Building Testing Coordinator –Use the paper SGL form provided to gather GIS information. –Confirm document count. –Complete inventory using Shipping Order Form. –Enter SGL on TCAP Reports website. –Verify document count. –Print copy of SGL. –Place SGL with return answer documents in white box #1 for the school.

29 Online Report of Irregularity (RI) The RI Form is used to report serious irregularities during the testing session. The form should only be used to report the irregularities listed below: –Student cheated. –Student received inappropriate assistance. –Student left during testing session. –Time limits were not observed. –Student used defective/contaminated materials. –Student took the wrong test. –Student received improper modifications/accommodations. –Student refused to take the test. For other noteworthy incidents that DO NOT affect scoring, documentation should be kept at the local level. New Handout: Report of Irregularity

30 Online Report of Irregularity Test Administrator –Record irregularity on RI form and submit to BTC. Building Testing Coordinator (BTC) –Verify appropriate use of RI form –Enter RI on TCAP Reports website.

31 Online RI Updates For Achievement select Grade, Content Area, Subtest. Submission to State will be easier. Your user ID will be added to indicate who entered comments/RIs. Enter Medical Exemption Requests with online RI.

32 New TCAP Achievement Testing Times 3rd grade Total 372 minutes 4th – 8th grade Total 364 minutes

33 Handout: Shipping Order -Memo Building Testing Coordinator (BTC) –Verify all materials received and returned. Document on Shipping Order. –Use for Online School Group List (SGL) entry (at Tech Center, April 26). –Attach documentation for any materials loaned outside of school. –Make copy of Shipping Order to put in boxes for answer document (including K-3 test books) return. –Include original Shipping Order in boxes with other returned test materials. New

34 Make Up Test Friday – April 20, 2006 Absent Handout: Section VII: Administration Anomalies

35 Sample Shipping Order Must be completed Handout: Memo Complete. Put one copy in return box. Bring one copy to Tech Center.

36 Inactive Test Material (ITM) Form Test Administrator –Complete ITM, sign, and place on top of documents. –If there are duplicate answer documents for a student, make sure the scorable document is under a GIS. –Return ITM and materials to BTC. Building Testing Coordinator (BTC) –Verify that materials under the ITM should not be scored. –If there are duplicate answer documents for a student, make sure the scorable document is under a GIS. –Sign ITM, paper band with materials, and return to STC. Handout: Inactive Test Materials

37 Test Administrator Immediately report potential breaches to BTC. Building Testing Coordinator (BTC) Immediately report potential breaches to STC. Complete Breach of Testing Security Report and provide documentation. Submit report and documentation to STC. Breach of Testing Security Report Secure environments prevent breaches. See Section VII: TEST ADMINISTRATORS REPORT OF IRREGULARITY

38 Document Verification Verification and corrections to student accountability demographic information should be made in secure, group settings. Verification of test book inventory

39 AYP Demographic Review Form Building Testing Coordinator (BTC) –Complete and sign form. –Bring to Tech Center, April 26. New Handout: Memo

40 Medical Exemption Form Building Testing Coordinator (BTC) –Complete and sign form for each student absent for documented serious medical reason. –Include supporting documentation with form. –Submit form to STC. –Submit student on online RI. Check G and specify Medical Exemption documentation submitted. New

41 Return Shipping: Answer Documents TCAP Achievement Test Only Used, scorable answer documents MUST be returned in the WHITE boxes labeled Answer Documents ONLY. Answer documents include Grade 3 test books! Include a copy of the Shipping Order Form in the box of used answer documents and the original shipping order form in the brown boxes of other materials. Keep a copy for to bring to the Tech Center on April 26. Include a printed copy of the Online School Group List with the boxes of used answer documents. Keep a copy for reference when completing the online SGL on April 26. New Handout: Return Procedures

42 TCAP Achievement Answer Documents Only Box (CO will put in white box for you.) Answer Documents Only Paper Band Copy of Shipping Order GIS with Answer Documents (including K-3 Test Books) Printed copy of Online SGL will later be placed in the return documents box.

43 TCAP Achievement Report Updates Performance Level Summary Report –System Reports will include State percentages at each Performance Level. –School Reports will include System and State percentages at each Performance Level.

44 TCAP Achievement Report Updates Reporting Category Performance % Proficient –Total % Proficient by Reporting Category has been added.

45 Processing and score reporting for the Achievement test will be done on a first in first out basis for systems whose materials arrive properly completed and organized. Phase I reports should be to you around the end of May. There will not be extended time allotted for clean- up of data. It is imperative that all student accountability demographic information is coded appropriately and accurately the first time! TCAP Achievement Test Processing/Reporting

46 TCAP Reports Achievement Student Label Individual Profile Report Class Record Sheet Performance Level Summary Report School & System Reporting Category Performance % Proficient School & System Reporting Category Performance Index Report School & System Disaggregation Summary Report School & System

47 TCAP 2005-2006 Points of Emphasis Test Administration Eating, drinking, or chewing gum is prohibited around the test materials. K-3 test books reminders –Stray marks –Bending books as a test strategy Post-test Answer Documents of withdrawn students precoded or bubbled absent- remember to pull those answer documents

48 Return Documents Make sure there are no loose, USED, answer documents in the boxes of returned materials. USED answer documents belong with a form: an ITM or a GIS. Band documents with paper. Plan to attend the Online Reporting session on April 26 at the Tech Center. 2005-2006 TCAP Points of Emphasis

49 Check with your school counselors to assure all homebound students take required tests. Migrants?

50 Questions?

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