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The Ch’i-lin Purse by Linda Fang

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1 The Ch’i-lin Purse by Linda Fang
Hsiang-ling was a spoiled young girl, but on her wedding day, she gave a purse full of riches from her mother to a less fortunate bride getting married on the same day. Later, Hsiang-ling was separated from her husband and son after a horrible storm. She found work taking care of a spoiled young boy in a wealthy home. The boy’s mother turned out to be the poor bride Hsiang-ling had helped so long ago. The mother was so greatful that she split her family’s fortune with Hsiang-ling and helped her find her husband and son.

2 Skill Lessons Genre Comprehension Words to Know
Folk Tale Comprehension Compare and Contrast (PB 73, 77, 78) Sequence (PB 76) Words to Know Vocabulary (PB 74) Word Structure (PB 75) Research and Study Skills Textbook/Trade Book (PB 79-80)

3 Genre Folk tales are stories or legends that are told over and over from one generation to the next. They usually started as stories that were memorized and told out loud.

4 Compare and Contrast When you compare and contrast things you tell how they are alike or different. Sometimes clue words point out comparisons and contrasts, but not always. You can compare and contrast different things you read about with one another, and also with what you already know.

5 Sequence Sequence is the order in which events happen in a selection. When you read, think about what comes first, next, and last. Several events can occur at the same time. Words such as meanwhile and during give clues that two events are happening at the same time.

6 Astonished Behavior Benefactor Distribution Gratitude Procession
Words to Know Astonished Behavior Benefactor Distribution Gratitude Procession Recommend Sacred Traditions

7 Astonished Surprised greatly; amazed

8 Behavior Manner of behaving; way of acting

9 Benefactor Person who has given money or kindly help

10 Distribution The act of giving some to each, of dividing and giving out in shares

11 Gratitude Kindly feeling because of a favor received; desire to do a favor in return; thankfulness

12 Procession Something that moves forward; persons marching or riding

13 Recommend To speak in favor of; suggest favorably

14 Sacred Worthy of reverence; not to be violated or disregarded

15 Traditions Customs or beliefs handed down from generation to generation

16 Word Structure (PB 75) Greek and Latin roots are used in many English words. When you find a word you don’t know, recognizing the root can help you figure out its meaning. The Latin word bene means “well” or “good,” as in beneficial, benefit, and benefactor. The Latin word gratus means “pleasing,” as in gratitude and grateful.

17 Textbook/Trade Book (PB 79-80)
A textbook usually teaches one subject, such as social studies or math. Textbooks contain chapter titles, headings, subheadings, and vocabulary words. A trade book is any book that is not a textbook, a periodical, or a reference book.

18 Six years ago, she gives away her weding gift.
Daily Fix-It Six years ago, she gives away her weding gift. Were that girl mean or just spoiled. Today families spends years planning a childs' wedding.

19 Ever detail should be prefect. A purse are a bag for mony.
Daily Fix-It Ever detail should be prefect. A purse are a bag for mony. Today most women carried a purse for small ojects.

20 Daily Fix-It Purses is often made of manufactured materiels or fabric. A plastic handbag may appeer to be made of lether Yesterday the bride sitted on a sedan chare.

21 Everyone celebrated at the Grand feast?
Daily Fix-It Everyone celebrated at the Grand feast?

22 Resources/Web Sites

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