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12 Powerful Words Classroom Posters.

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1 12 Powerful Words Classroom Posters

2 12 Powerful Words Help all students:
To better understand what each question means To become familiar with words that require higher order thinking skills To relieve test anxiety To achieve better on tests

3 ANALYZE Break apart Study pieces

4 Compare Alike All of the ways they are alike

5 Contrast Different All the ways they are different

6 Describe Tell about Tell ALL about

7 Evaluate Judge Tell the importance of in your own words

8 Explain Tell how Tell about it in your own words

9 Formulate Put together Create

10 Infer Read between the lines Make an educated guess

11 Predict What will happen next? Tell what you think might happen

12 Summarize Sum it up Give me the short version

13 Support Give the facts Back up with details

14 Trace List Steps Outline

15 Works Cited Bell, Larry I. 12 Powerful Words. Manassas, Virginia: Multicultural America, 2005. “FCAT Power Words.” Sarasota Middle School. 5 Sept 2008 <

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