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Percent Formula Word Problems Rush Strong 8 th Grade.

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1 Percent Formula Word Problems Rush Strong 8 th Grade

2 Problem 1 Brittany Berrier became a famous skater. She won 85% of her meets. If she had 250 meets in 2000, how many did she win?

3 Problem 2 Krystyl Ferguson worked at the zoo. If 3 of her 17 baboons were sick, What % were sick?

4 Problem 3 Matt Debord worked as a produce manager for Walmart. If 35 people bought green peppers and this was 28% of the total customers, how many customers did he have?

5 Problem 4 Emily Lower and Jasmine Parks were great WNBA ball players. They made $700,000 a year. If they owed 22% for taxes, how much did they pay in taxes?

6 Problem 5 Tiffany Lowery got 65 referrals during the year. If 14% of these were for tardies, how many times did she get caught for being tardy? She did not get caught every time!!

7 Problem 6 Brett Mull became a famous D.J. He played a total of 185 C.Ds in January. If he played 35 classical C.D.s, what is the percent of classical C.D.s he played.

8 Problem 7 Brett Smith became a doctor. He fixed elephant trunks. He fixed 78.5% of all the elephants he treated. He fixed 45 elephant trunks. How many elephants did he treat in all.

9 Problem 8 Ashley Scalf became a famous golfer. She did occasionally hit one into the pond. If she hit 7 out of 85 hits into the pond, what percentage did she hit into the pond.

10 Problem 9 Jeremy Devereaux got the nice guy award. If 42 people voted and Jeremy got 85% of the votes, how many people voted for Jeremy?

11 Problem 10 Brad (the Bull) Denton and Daniel (Killer) McFalls joined the WWE. They won 16 of their 23 bouts. What percentage did they win.

12 Problem 11 Sarah Roderick and Erin Lanning became Las Vegas show girls. If they paid $45,000 in taxes and they made $3,000, 000 per year, what percentage did they pay in taxes?

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