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Project HEARTS H ealthy E ating and A ctive R outines T argeting S tudents.

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1 Project HEARTS H ealthy E ating and A ctive R outines T argeting S tudents

2 What are the problems? Childhood Obesity Underage Tobacco Use Teen Substance Abuse Increased Sexual Activity

3 Childhood Obesity US: 2-5 years – 13.9%; 6-11 years – 18.8%; 12-19 years – 17.9% TN: 19-30% overweight Jefferson County: 22% overweight; 20% at risk

4 Underage Tobacco Use US: 23% cigarette use TN and Jefferson County – 33% of High School Students Marked Increase in cigarette use for grades 6-8

5 Teen Substance Abuse 21 – 31% of Tennessees youth use illegal substances Alcohol use increases from 8 th grade to 12 th grade with 50% of high school seniors reporting consumption of alcohol

6 Sexual Activity US: 42.9% of females sexually active; 48.5% males TN: 48.5% females; 51.5% males In TN for 2006, 55% of high school students reported sexual intercourse increasing with grade level--66% of high school senior males and 69% of senior females

7 What can we do? Coordinated School Health Program School Health Coordinator Health Advisory Council

8 Coordinated School Health

9 Benefits of a Coordinated School Health Initiative Students are better informed for making healthy decisions for life Physically active students are more alert and concentrate better in the classroom More students have access to health care Teachers and staff can be role models for physical fitness and health Students who feel secure and cared for can focus on learning With family involvement in school, programs reflect the needs, priorities, and values of the community

10 Objectives for 2007-2008 in Jefferson County Assess and Identify health and wellness of students, families, and staff Decrease students who are at risk or are overweight Increase student physical activity Improve student nutrition Decrease tobacco and alcohol use Involve more staff in wellness activities Each school will host at least two health education activities

11 How does this impact my school? Create a School Health Team Complete School Health Index Modules Assess student health and wellness Distribute CoverKid applications Increase staff education and involvement Host two after-school health education activities per school year

12 Contact Information Jim Hodge – School Health Coordinator Phone: 397 – 2939 (Piedmont School) Email: ???????? – Administrative Assistant Quick Links @ Jefferson County Website Healthy JCS

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