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The Power of a Teacher: Larry Bell Redelivery & Refresher

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1 The Power of a Teacher: Larry Bell Redelivery & Refresher

2 “You are a teacher. You are all that and a bag of chips!” ~Larry Bell
Word Splash On the first flap of your notes flipbook, please list 5-10 qualities of: 1. your favorite teachers 2. qualities that you’d like to have as a teacher “You are a teacher. You are all that and a bag of chips!” ~Larry Bell

3 You became a teacher because you wanted someone to need you. Guess what? You got your wish! ~Larry Bell

4 At-Promise Kids Many students in the bottom-quartile come from homes that cause them to be labeled “at-risk”. How we label someone determines how we approach them. All students have promise. It is OUR job as educators to bring out that promise. “On your worst day on the job, you are still somebody’s hero.” ~Larry Bell

5 Prepare Kids for Standardized Tests
Prepare kids for long tests Practice timed tests Give higher order thinking questions Know your kids’ test data Teach the language of the test (12 Power Words) Give some homework/quiz questions in test format Explain to kids what test day will be like Discuss test anxiety Tell students you believe in each one of them At beginning of the year, tell kids that “No child will fail!” Be a 100%er

6 12 Powerful Words Directly teach these words (Don’t assume they are understood.) Put them in words that kids can understand Use them on tests & quizzes Talk to kids about what the question is asking Word of the week Share with parents Post in the classroom Show the 12 Power Words PowerPoint regularly “If we keep on doing what we’ve always done we’re going to keep on getting what we’ve always gotten.” ~Dr. John Maxwell

7 “Show a little passion child!” ~Larry Bell
Unraavel Reading Teach to kids through modeling on a PowerPoint or on chart paper. Have kids keep directions in their binders. Teach songs Expect kids to use this strategy regularly. Explain to parents Online Resources “Show a little passion child!” ~Larry Bell

8 Unraaveling A Paragraph
Underline title Now predict the passage Run through and number paragraphs Are you reading the questions? Are the important words circled? (Write down their meaning) Venture (read) through the passage Eliminate the obviously wrong answers Let the questions be answered and write the paragraph # where you found the answers next to the question  Double check your work!

9 “It is in us, and it is up to us.” ~Larry Bell
Math UNRAAVEL Unraavel A Math Problem Keep directions in binders “It is in us, and it is up to us.” ~Larry Bell

10 MATH UNRAAVEL Underline the question
Now predict what you need to do to solve the problem Read the word problem Are the important words circled? (Especially the clue words?) Apply the steps you chose to solve the problem Verify your answer (Is it reasonable? Does it make sense?) Eliminate the wrong answers Let the answer stay or rework the problem  Double check your work!

11 Techniques to Transcend Cultural Barriers
Tell kids you care. Explain that you have high expectations because you believe in them. If a child gets in trouble, ask to see him or her later. Give calm down time. Later, have a “start over visit”. Consider your tone. Is it the same with every child? Connect with EVERY child. Surprise and engage students. Assess understanding daily. Authentic praise. Consider that all students learn and communicate differently. “Every teacher can reach and teach every child.” ~Larry Bell

12 “Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson We educators must show every day what we want our students to feel. Somebody needs you.

13 Ignite Your Passion Read the list of quotations that Mr. Bell uses in his presentations. Choose one that is most inspirational to you as a teacher. Be ready to share your quote!

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