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A name, term, design, or symbol (or combination of them) that identifies a business, organization, or its products.

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1 A group of closely related products manufactured and/or sold by a business

2 A name, term, design, or symbol (or combination of them) that identifies a business, organization, or its products

3 A warranty that exists automatically by state law whenever a purchase takes place

4 Brand, Descriptive, Grade

5 All the different products that a company sells or makes

6 Simultaneously offering a combination of manufacturer, private distributor, and generic brands

7 A warranty that may exclude certain parts of the product from coverage or require the customer to bear some of the expense for repairs resulting from defects

8 Builds customer loyalty, assures quality, extends to new markets, establishes product image

9 An alteration in a company’s existing product

10 A branding strategy that uses an existing brand name for an new product line

11 A warranty that guarantees that a product found defective within the warranty period will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the purchaser

12 Set clear standards, boost promotion, customer protection

13 A specific model, brand, or size of a product within a product line

14 The part of the brand that is a symbol or design (includes distinctive lettering)

15 An ongoing charge account with a credit limit and set payment dates

16 The word, group of words, letters, or numbers representing a brand that can be spoken

17 The physical container or wrapping for a product

18 It allows businesses or individuals to obtain products or money in exchange for a promise to pay later

19 Generate ideas, screen ideas, develop the product, test the product, introduce the product, evaluate customer acceptance

20 Identifies the company or a division of a particular corporation

21 A warranty that arises when the seller advises a customer that a product is suitable for a particular use and the customer acts on that advice

22 The number of different product lines a business manufacturers or sells

23 A brand owned and initiated by wholesalers and retailers, also called store brands or dealer brands

24 An account that allow customers to charge purchases during a month and pay the balance in full within 30 days of being billed

25 The number of product items offered within each product line

26 A brand name, brand mark, trade name, trade character or combination of these that is given legal protection by the federal government

27 An account with time payment plans that allow for payment over time with a set interest rate

28 Promote the product, define product identity, provide information, ensure safe use, meet customer needs, protect the product

29 A brand mark with human form or characteristics

30 An account that allows for payment of a purchase over a time period without a finance charge

31 The four stages that a product goes through during its life (Introduction, Growth, Maturity, Decline)

32 A brand that represents a general product category and does not carry a company or brand name

33 A promise or guarantee given to a customer that a product will meet certain standards

34 Examples include: delivery, installation, billing, directions, technical assistance, training

35 The image a product projects in relation to quality, features, benefits, and competition

36 Combining one or more brands to increase customer loyalty and sales for each individual brand

37 A statement that contains exceptions to and exclusions from a warranty

38 A computer-developed diagram that shows retailers how and where products within a category should be displayed on a shelf at individual stores

39 The legal authorization by a trademarked brand owner to allow another company to use its brand, brand mark, or trade character for a fee

40 A warranty that is explicitly stated, in writing or spoken word, to induce a customer to buy

41 A process that involves managing product categories as individual business units

42 An information tag, wrapper, seal, or imprinted message that is attached to a product or package

43 A warranty that states the product sold is fit for its intended purpose

44 Obsolescence, loss of appeal, lack of profit, replacement

45 A brand owned and initiated by manufacturers, also called producer brands or name brands

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