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Forms of Composition Expository Narrative Descriptive Persuasive.

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3 Forms of Composition Expository Narrative Descriptive Persuasive

4 Tells writers feelings Lists reasons Asks readers to agree with the writer

5 Schools should be year round. Take your stand. Reason 1 Reason 2 Reason 3 Wrap-up The center box states your position. Three boxes tell reasons why. The last box is the wrap-up. detail Tell me more. One reason, Also, In addition, In summary,,

6 First Paragraph Topic Sentence vCenter of 4 Square Wrap-Up Sentence vWithout Transition Word Personal /Feeling Sentence (Hook)

7 Improving the Final Paragraph Wrap-up Sentence with a Transition Personal/Feeling Sentence, Question or Exclamation(closing with a punch!)

8 Schools should be year round. Take your stand. Summer Lag Bonus for Teachers Cost Effectivenes s Wrap-up The center box states your position. Three boxes tell reasons why. The last box is the wrap-up. Research Summer camps Review Work intersessions Remediation Travel off season Save money Less vandalism Relieve overcrowd Tell me more. One reason, Also, In addition, In summary,,

9 Moving to 5 Paragraphs Have you ever considered the many advantages to going to school year round? Reduction of summer slump, more pay for teachers, and cost effective options are but a few reasons to advocate alternative school schedules. Just when you have just about had it with correcting mounds of papers, you think about the three-week break that looms ahead like a green oasis in the desert. Relief is in sight! One reason that year round schools are often preferred is that two to three months gains in reading can be lost due to summer lag in the early grades. Current research shows that students who do not read over the summer start school behind in the fall. Summer camps can help; however, children most at risk often do not attend. Seventy percent of our elementary school participants in 2005 maintained or improved reading scores by attending summer reading camps. Teachers often must waste valuable time reviewing in the fall instead of covering new material. Also, teachers have the option of taking advantage of several additional benefits. Educators have the opportunity to work intersession and to make higher pay. In fact, a district in Houston extends teacher contracts enabling teachers to have an additional thirty-six days pay each year. Educators would also be able to travel during off peak times and

10 and save money during vacation times. With the emphasis on academic performance and test scores, children are afforded quality remediation opportunities during intercessions. In addition, many stakeholders feel that year round schools are more cost effective. Several studies have indicated that there is a potential for districts to save money on day-to-day operating costs such as utilities and maintenance. According to the NEA Research Division, most studies indicate a savings of about 8% if schools are operating at maximum capacity. If schools are open, the likelihood for vandalism is reduced. Opportunities for staggered enrollment may pose an option for problems of overcrowding. In summary, among the many benefits of year round schools are higher academic achievement due to a reduction in summer lag, extra perks for teachers and staff, and the possibility of financial gains in cost effectiveness for districts. This, however, remains a highly contested topic and needs further study. It appears that negotiation rather than mandate is more desirable. It seems that little change comes about without controversy!

11 Improving the Essay Time to add vivid language (vocabulary) Adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases Similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia Use the 5 senses Choose words selectively

12 Elaboration Explanation Examples Experience Remember to pick only one detail from each of the three boxes to Elaborate.

13 Writing in the Content Areas Group info together as a Study Guide for easier recall. 4 Square is a Graphic Organizer Break students into groups to cover longer sections of text. Cover the essentials without having to worry about the readability of the text.

14 Formula for Word Problems Question ProcessInformation Compute Answer

15 Science and Social Studies Folding Faults Volcanoes As you can see, mountains on our planet can be formed by faults, folding of the earths crust, or volcanic action. Magma Lava Cascade Mts.(Or.Wa) San Andreas,Ca. Plates shift= fault lines Earthquakes Crumpled rock Earth contracts Appalachians How are mountains formed?

16 Covering that Social Studies Text Scientist Moldboard Plow Astronomer-telescope Studied botany-plants from Lewis & Clark Thomas Jefferson was a Renaissance man of many talents. Architect Monticello University of Virginia Virginia State Capital Diplomat Declaration of Indep. Minister to France 3rd Pres. As you can see, Thomas Jefferson was much more than a past president of the US. He was also a scientist, architect, and diplomat.

17 Persuasive = Convincing Argument (Sales Pitch) Complaints Letter to the Editor Memo to the Boss Job in Sales Working with Customers Dealing with Vendors

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