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Concept and Current Status January 18, 2009 New Delhi

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1 Concept and Current Status January 18, 2009 New Delhi

2 2 The Basic Idea In the current Parliament, there are a number of MPs with criminal antecedents, some of them with serious crimes such as murder, rape, etc. India deserves leadership that is clean and competent For 2009, appeal to political parties to not field candidates with criminal antecedents “No Criminals” idea is simple, direct, focused, easy to understand

3 3 Not against any party PartyTotal MPs Tainted MPsPercent AGP2 AIFB3133% AIMIM1 AITC2 BJD1119% BJP1382921% BNP1 BSP19842% CPI10330% CPM43716% DMK16425% IFDP1 INC1452618% IND4 JD(S)3133% JD(U)8338% JKN2 JKPDP1 JMM55100% KEC1 LJNSP4125% MDMK4125% MNF1 MUL1 NCP9556% NLP1 NPF1 PMK6 RJD21838% RLD3 RPI(A)1 RSP3 SAD8450% SDF1 SS12758% SJP®1 SP361131% TDP5 TRS5 53912523% Source: Association for Democratic Reforms

4 4 MPs in large states have cases Source: Association for Democratic Reforms State Total seats Criminal CasesPercent Andaman and Nicobar100% Arunachal Pradesh 200% Assam 1400% Chandigarh 100% Dadra & Nagar Haveli 100% Himachal Pradesh 400% Jammu and Kashmir 600% Lakshadweep 100% Manipur 100% Meghalaya 200% Mizoram 100% Nagaland 100% Puducchery 100% Sikkim 100% Tripura 200% Uttarakhand 500% Andhra Pradesh 42410% West Bengal 42512% Rajasthan 25312% Orissa 21314% Haryana 10220% Tamil Nadu 39821% Karnataka 28621% Madhya Pradesh 29724% Gujarat 26727% Chhattisgarh 11327% NCT of Delhi 7229% Uttar Pradesh 802329% Kerala 20630% Bihar 371335% Punjab 13538% Maharashtra 481940% Goa 2150% Jharkhand 14750% Daman and Diu 11100% 53912523%

5 5 Complement ingoing efforts Association for Democratic Reforms’ PIL in Supreme Court made it compulsory for candidates to file Affidavits containing personal information FICCI has started a series of consultations on ethics and governance The idea is to complement these efforts of ADR, FICCI, etc. by bringing a whole new set of people who are not yet engaged in this process

6 6 The “No Criminals” Approach Get a number of opinion leaders to sign an “appeal” to political parties and widely publicize the same Develop a media campaign which is aimed at getting millions of people to appeal to political parties in a visible way

7 7 Framework Let people make the appeal in a visible manner Time is of essence Uncluttered, direct message Message to unite people for action Needs to be sustained till the last phase of election Follow up beyond election required

8 8 Objective is to provide an easy way for people to access information on candidates with criminal records Website will also be used to communicate with users about upcoming events, etc.

9 9 Media “products” Print ads TV spots Data availability for stories (TV/Print) Radio spots Jingle for mobile downloads Lintas Lowe is working on the creative

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