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Are they really out to get us? Examining Interpersonal Perceptions in an Intergroup Context.

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1 Are they really out to get us? Examining Interpersonal Perceptions in an Intergroup Context

2 Social Perceptions Self-perception: Does Mr. Smoker think he is smart? Other perception: Is Mr. Smoker smart? Metaperception: Does Dr. Nonsmoker think that I am smart? Usually predicted by self perception

3 Background Social Perceptions What forms them? Are they accurate? Intergroup perceptions Social identity differences Why are intergroup perceptions special? In-group & out-group bias Social stigma Sources in perceptions

4 Who cares? Mr. Smokers Metaperception Dr. Nonsmokers Perception ?

5 Why SRM? Multiple sources in perceptions Social context Perceptions not independent Sources function at dyad and group level

6 Multiple Information Levels Target ABCD Perceiver AXXX BXXX CXXX DXXX

7 Multiple Sources

8 Social Category, Interpersonal Perception, & Interpersonal Accuracy Santuzzi (2007)

9 Smoking Stigma Stigma = negative evaluation Identified by behavior Relatively concealable No history … yet

10 Research Questions Do smokers think nonsmokers see them differently? Do nonsmokers actually see smokers differently? Are smokers accurate?

11 Social Category & SRM Smokers & Nonsmokers 4-person groups (g = 24) 3 group compositions Zero-acquaintance Self-perception 9 evaluative adjectives 5-point response scale 10-minute interactions Evaluation & metaperception Round-robin

12 Social Interaction Structure A D C BA D C B In-group PerceptionsOut-group Perceptions

13 Data Structure Target ABCD Perceiver AYYY BXYY CXXY DXXX Target ABCD Perceiver A-YY B-YY CXX- DXX- Asymmetric BlockRound-Robin

14 What I expected to see Perceiver and relationship variance Evaluative ratings Zero-acquaintance In-group v. out-group differences Biased perceptions & metaperceptions Stigma is different

15 Smoking Attitudes

16 Variance Partitioning: In-group Perceptions NonsmokersSmokers PerceiverTargetRelationshipPerceiverTargetRelationship Evaluation.18* (.16).02 (.04).06* (.06).13* (.07).07 (.10).06* (.05) Metaperception.17* (.10).00 (.02).02 (.03).16* (.14).01 (.04).04* (.02)

17 Variance Partitioning: Out-group Perceptions Mixed NonsmokersSmokers PerceiverTargetRelationshipPerceiverTargetRelationship Evaluation.30* (.28).08 (.25).11* (.19).16* (.49).03 (.23).10* (.16) Metaperception.28* (.18).05 (.09).04 (.09).06 (.34).03 (.17).04 (.09)

18 Meta-Accuracy: Sans SRM SmokersNonsmokers Smokers.95*.28 Nonsmokers.87*.86* TARGET EVALUATION PERCEIVER METAPERCETION

19 Meta-Accuracy Correlations Do Smokers know how Nonsmokers actually view them? a = perceiver effect b = target effect g = relationship effect e = error

20 Meta-Accuracy Correlations: Generalized Accuracy SmokersNonsmokers Smokers.18-.83 Nonsmokers1.00.44 TARGET EVALUATION PERCEIVER METAPERCEPTION

21 Conclusions Source patterns Individual & relationship sources in evaluation Differences in metaperception (smokers) Bias or Accuracy? Smokers less accurate ONLY in mixed groups Why different pattern? Identity differences motivate? Concern directed toward me? Did self-perception do it?

22 Design Considerations Population base rate Fewer (self-identified) smokers Order of interactions Shared v. unshared contexts Inferences from mixed contexts Compare to homogeneous situations

23 Thanks! Janet Ruscher Ron Landis Ed ONeal David Kenny Nyla Branscombe Reviewer 1 Reviewer 2 & the APA

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