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European Commission 1 The Technology Implementation Plan (TIP) Training Seminar From CORDIS.

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1 European Commission 1 The Technology Implementation Plan (TIP) Training Seminar From CORDIS

2 European Commission 2 Contents 1.Why do we need a TIP? 2.What is the TIP? 3.How do you submit a TIP? 4.Who uses the TIP? 5.Some TIP tips 6.The TIP and CORDIS

3 European Commission 3 SECTION ONE Why do we need a TIP?

4 European Commission 4 Why do we need a TIP? Image copyright Paramount Pictures Corporation Is there ?????? life in the universe

5 European Commission 5 Why do we need a TIP? European research Generates a third of the worlds science Exploits less well than the US and Japan Spends less on R&D than the US and Japan

6 European Commission 6 Why do we need a TIP? R&D Inputs FP1 to FP4 = 58,000 projects Circa 3bn per year 17 years of operation R&D Outputs Number of exploitations by project partners unknown Only 10,000 externally exploitable results reported to CORDIS

7 European Commission 7 Why do we need a TIP? Five-Year Assessment of the Framework Programmes, 1995-1999 (July 2000) At present there is excessive focus on adherence to procedures and not enough emphasis on ensuring overall goal attainment The system of evaluation can be considered as well established. Impact assessment should become one of the most important elements of evaluation The Panel concluded that the outputs and results of projects of potential relevance to other policy goals were not adequately communicated or utilised.

8 European Commission 8 Why do we need a TIP? Conclusions:- T he project contractors needed to give more attention to how to exploit their results – especially if they are not intending to exploit them themselves T he Programmes needed to report on the impact of their projects in terms of the overall goals of the Framework Programmes and to report in a way which is consistent across all Programmes

9 European Commission 9 SECTION TWO What is the TIP?

10 European Commission 10 What is the TIP? For the Commission:- A compulsory deliverable Specified in the model contract The means by which the contractor documents the exploitation efforts that they are obliged to undertake Agreed by all Programmes after wide consultation

11 European Commission 11 What is the TIP? For the researcher:- A tool to help plan and implement exploitation A way to demonstrate the benefits of the research A means to gain publication of results A means to keep commercial plans confidential

12 European Commission 12 What is the TIP? Format:- Common to all Programmes Collects all exploitation information in one submission Electronic

13 European Commission 13 Whereas the technological implementation plan should be prepared in line with progress on the work of the project; whereas it should be a determining element with a view to the use and dissemination of knowledge in the interests of the Community, the participants and international agreements with the Community; whereas the technological implementation plan should be drawn up in such a manner as to allow its monitoring and to allow the conditions of exploitation and the search for financial resources for development to be facilitated; COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 996/1999 of 11 May 1999 on the implementation of Council Decision 1999/65/EC concerning the rules for the participation of undertakings, research centres and universities and for the dissemination of research results for the implementation of the fifth framework programme of the European Community (1998-2002) What is the TIP?

14 European Commission 14 § 17.1 of Model Contract The technological implementation plan shall include a summary of the project and a forecast of the intentions of the contractors, as well as a description of their achievements regarding the use of the knowledge. What is the TIP?

15 European Commission 15 SECTION THREE How to submit a TIP?

16 European Commission 16 The eTIP is found at How to submit a TIP?

17 European Commission 17 How to submit a TIP?

18 European Commission 18 How to submit a TIP?

19 European Commission 19 How to submit a TIP?

20 European Commission 20 How to submit a TIP? STEP 1 The Project Coordinator registers themselves, all the project partners, and the project details. STEP 2 The partners or the coordinator provide details of their individual exploitable results from the project. STEP 3 The coordinator checks that everything has been completed and submits the eTIP.

21 European Commission 21 How to submit a TIP? Step one: Coordinator registers

22 European Commission 22 How to submit a TIP?

23 European Commission 23 How to submit a TIP?

24 European Commission 24 How to submit a TIP? INFORMATION Summary of project Description of results including categorisation into types A,B, or C Ownership of results COMPLETED BY Co-ordinator USE Update project data Promote results

25 European Commission 25 How to submit a TIP? INFORMATION Partner intentions IPR Protection measures Community added-value Differences to plan COMPLETED BY Coordinator OR Partners individually USE Internal by Commission services (not published) Aggregation at Commission level of partner information for reporting

26 European Commission 26 How to submit a TIP? INFORMATION Externally exploitable results Collaboration requests Offers of technology COMPLETED BY Partners (results owners) Mandatory if result is Type A USE CORDIS for publication IRC for promotion LIFT for financing IPR for protection

27 European Commission 27 How to submit a TIP? INFORMATION Assessment of EU impact COMPLETED BY Co-ordinator COMMENTED ON BY Commission Project Officer USE Justifies project Is commented on (confidentially) by Commission Project Officer

28 European Commission 28 How to submit a TIP? eTIP Functions: Can be completed and saved in sessions Pre-populated with project data Co-ordinator, partners and CPO have own access Confidentiality of data assured Data goes straight into a database Performs all functions of former TIP form

29 European Commission 29 How to submit a TIP? Problems accessing the e-TIP? Want to be kept up-to-date? Queries about specifics? Your Commission Project Officer Unresolvable technical difficulties? Downloadable document version available

30 European Commission 30 SECTION FOUR Who uses the TIP?

31 European Commission 31 Partners: A, B, C Exploitable results: 1, 2, 3, 4 A 1 C 3 B 2 4 Licensee Venture capital Who uses the TIP?

32 European Commission 32 Who uses the TIP? Commission services World-wide publication CORDIS Community R&D Information Service A network of local agents IRCs – Innovation Relay Centres Help to get finance mobilised LIFT – Linking Innovation Finance and Technology Protecting intellectual property IPR Helpdesk advising on patents, copyright etc. The TIP helps to identify results which need such facilities and is a basis for communication

33 European Commission 33 SECTION FIVE Some TIP tips

34 European Commission 34 Some TIP tips Do:- Develop an exploitation strategy early in the project, preferably before it starts Document your intentions in a draft TIP early on Think exploitation in its broadest sense including non-commercial uses Consult your Project Officer for advice Submit in electronic format

35 European Commission 35 Some TIP tips Donts Ignore it – or the funding cant be paid Leave it until the project end when the partners will no longer spend time Forget that the Commission has a right to monitor exploitation Omit publishable description if you have externally exploitable Type A results Submit on paper

36 European Commission 36 Some TIP tips Ownership of results Ownership of results and exploitation strategy has to be documented in the TIP IPR ownership is with partners generating the results Access rights can be restricted and exclusive access rights are possible Obligation to protect and exploit (protection costs are reimbursed) Exploitation can be by partners or external to project but must be at least one of these

37 European Commission 37 Some TIP tips Organisations that cant directly exploit can consider: IPR Protection/patenting Licensing to external organisations University start-ups or spin-offs or graduate enterprise Public or social good organisations Input to Standards Input to EU policy making (studies, workshop results) Education initiatives Further collaborative research

38 European Commission 38 SECTION SIX The TIP and CORDIS

39 European Commission 39 The TIP and CORDIS CORDIS today Current size 30,000 Web pages 250,000 database records 31,000 documents 56,000 registered users 40,000 subscribers to paper publications Per month 3.5 million pages served 11,000 email notifications 116,000 downloads 112,000 identified users

40 European Commission 40 The TIP and CORDIS CORDIS today The only central access point to all technologies emerging from EU sponsored R&D Free to information providers Free to users Official source and version of information Preserves knowledge after projects are closed Has built up an inventory of 58,000 projects and 10,000 results

41 European Commission 41 The TIP and CORDIS

42 European Commission 42 The TIP and CORDIS Technology Marketplace A virtual marketplace for results and offers of technology Multi-media Constantly changing content Five languages

43 European Commission 43 The TIP and CORDIS Results on Marketplace All qualifying results are stored on the CORDIS Results Knowledge Base This entry contains the text and contact details that are submitted via the TIP

44 European Commission 44 The TIP and CORDIS Selection of the best results for special promotion based on five criteria 1.Impact – social, economic 2.Effect on employment 3.Closeness to market 4.Marketability – how likely to succeed 5.Other factors – eg. public profile, early indicators of success, enabling effect If your project has these demonstrate it in the TIP!

45 European Commission 45 The TIP and CORDIS Technology Offers On Marketplace Short description professionally written in plain language Structured in a newsy journalistic style Always an attractive image Contact details Links to technical and project information Available in 5 languages

46 European Commission 46 The TIP and CORDIS Browsing offers Moving window on the latest and best Browsable by category Browsable by type of exploitation Browsable by keyword search

47 European Commission 47 The TIP and CORDIS Technology Opportunities Today 48 page colour magazine Published every two months Distributed to 40,000 subscribers Used by many multiplier organisations

48 European Commission 48 The TIP and CORDIS Technology Opportunities Today Inside the magazine

49 European Commission 49 The TIP and CORDIS Media promotion Features Content feed to media Alert target user groups Content feed to Web portals ETIS (Emerging Technologies Intelligence Service)

50 European Commission 50 The TIP and CORDIS Image copyright Paramount Pictures Corporation

51 European Commission 51 The Technology Implementation Plan (TIP) Training Seminar From CORDIS

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