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About Us. The Aluminum Can Council Can Sheet Makers Alcoa Novelis ARCO Aluminum Can Manufacturers Metal Container Ball Container REXAM.

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1 About Us

2 The Aluminum Can Council Can Sheet Makers Alcoa Novelis ARCO Aluminum Can Manufacturers Metal Container Ball Container REXAM

3 Curbside Value Partnership: To empower communities to: Improve participation levels. Improve the efficiency of their residential curbside programs. Capture, compile and communicate results that are grounded in solid data Enrich the volume and mix of materials in the bins by focusing upon the most valuable commodities first. To identify and share best practices with other communities, thereby changing the business model for curbside programs so that they can become sustainable.

4 Some Points of Clarification: We are not interested in writing checks to 9,000 communities every year to subsidize curbside programs. We do have a budget for opportunistic uses as issues arise. We are trying to expand our partnership by inviting other materials and brand owners to join our effort (BPEC, AF&PA, APC, etc.)

5 Quantitative Research Participation is key. Greatest opportunity to increase recycling is by encouraging more households to recycle Diligence should also be promoted. People need to be reminded on a regular. People want to set a good example. Parents indicated a desire to want to recycle to show their children the importance of caring for the environment. Currently, eight in ten consumers say they participate in their communitys curbside recycling program yet actual average participation is much lower and declining (only an estimated 25% of Americans participate), demonstrating that diligence must also be communicated and emphasized. Source: ACC Quantitative Consumer Research Study, Opinion Research Corporation, May/June 2003

6 What Weve Learned So Far… Public education efforts can pay for themselves. Focus on the valuable stuff in the stream optimizes revenue for the program. Contract design is key to improve programs effectiveness and efficiency. Bigger bins= better tonnages, lower costs PAYT boosts recycling tonnage.

7 Some Current CVP Partners Arlington County, VA Brevard CO, FL Orlando, FL Cincinnati, OH Indian River County, FL Kansas City, MO Omaha, NE Denver, CO Dallas, TX Burlington County, NJ Plus, currently working with five counties in Pennsylvania: Centre County Crawford County Lancaster County Lehigh County York County

8 The Value of Whats Not Getting Recycled Source: 7/17/ Material National Recycling rateTotal available lbs.Lbs recycledUn-recovered lbs. Value of Un- recovered Lbs. Aluminum Cans52.0% 2,905,769,231 1,511,000,000 1,394,769,231$1,269,240,000 Fiber51.5% 199,200,000,000 102,588,000,000 96,612,000,000$2,792,086,800 Steel Cans63.0% 2,109,634,551 1,329,069,767 780,564,784$48,316,960 PET Bottles21.6% 4,637,000,000 1,001,592,000 3,635,408,000$1,090,622,400 HDPE Bottles16.7% 3,310,000,000 552,770,000 2,757,230,000$882,313,600 Glass Bottles22.0% 97,090,909,091 21,360,000,000 75,730,909,091$189,327,273 Total40.6% 309,253,312,873 128,342,431,767 180,910,881,106$6,271,907,033

9 Energy Consequences of Not Recycling * Per John Skinner, E.D. of SWANA in Resource Recycling magazine, September 2005 Material Annual Lbs/hhldAnnual Value *Barrels of oil saved/tonCost/barrel Barrels re- captured with next bin Energy value of lost recyclables (@75/bbl) Aluminum Cans2724.5740$750.54$2,092,153,846 PET Bottles3911.716.3$750.32$2,222,143,140 HDPE Bottles30.19.63216.3$750.25$1,685,356,838 Glass Bottles883.42.20850.12$750.05$340,789,091 Steel Cans19.21.188481.8$750.02$34,603,281 Fiber182152.62691.7$751.55$6,159,015,000 Total2,819.7097.6412.70$752.73$12,534,061,195

10 Partnership Activities Development of PR plan and strategy Campaign theme/logo Launch event/announcement Ongoing media relations and marketing Press release, letters to the editor, op-eds, photo opportunities, events Fliers, bin stickers, door hangers, magnets, fact sheets, web site copy, local events PSAs or ads (community papers) Third party engagement Keep America Beautiful affiliates, etc. Data measurement (pre and post) Future planning

11 For Example… In Kansas City: Research focused on the urban core to identify the barriers to recycling Media outreach surrounding findings, which resulted in stories in the Kansas City Star and numerous recycling publications Municipality applied learnings to improve the program: switched to weekly collection from bi-weekly Enhanced messages and materials being disseminated and increased communications: more direct mail, community events and media relations. As a result: 35% increase in participation 1,000 ton/month increase in recycling collection.

12 For Example… In Denver: Creation of marketing campaign for launch of citys new single-stream program: TV PSA with city mayor Truck signs Billboards promoting new program Bill inserts and other homeowner marketing materials As a result: 12% increase in participation 3.3 lbs/household per route increase in recycling

13 Partnership Opportunities For anyone: Free access to our research findings, data and communications resources via our web site Free newsletter with best practices: Bin Buzz For partner communities: Access to free public relations support and counsel Potential grant funding from the aluminum industry Three-month hand holding with plan for path forward Opportunity to be promoted among CVP best practices

14 2007 Features in Discussion State of Recycling Report In collaboration with Columbia University In cooperation with other materials Stand-alone Conference(s) Dedicated to residential curbside best practices Peer-to-peer exchanges regarding: Contract design Data formatting/reporting Public education efforts Single stream recycling Discussion of Culture Change Entrepreneur v. custodian Diversion v. valuable materials quest PDCA loops v. anecdotes Possibility of Serving on CVP Steering Committee

15 Contact Us General information: Contact: the Aluminum Can Council Email: Write: 1525 Wilson Blvd., Ste. 600 Arlington, VA 22209 Program Director: Contact: Steve Thompson Email: Call: (804) 798-5750 Public Relations: Contact: Heather McNamara Email: Call: (202) 944-1931

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