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Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Policy Chipper Hervieux HWTR Program Department of Ecology.

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1 Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Policy Chipper Hervieux HWTR Program Department of Ecology

2 Conditional Exclusion for CRTs b Cathode Ray Tubes - monitors and TVs Dangerous waste due to lead contentDangerous waste due to lead content b Conditional CRTs must be recycledCRTs must be recycled Otherwise, fully regulatedOtherwise, fully regulated

3 Why An interim enforcement policy? bTests show CRTs are hazardous Contain 5-8 lbs. lead Black & white versus color monitors bNeeded to address problem of CRT disposal & accumulation Opportunity to pilot an approachOpportunity to pilot an approach An interim measure until final ruleAn interim measure until final rule Allows use of enforcement discretionAllows use of enforcement discretion

4 Why is this Policy Needed? b Electronic waste a huge problem People are buying more and morePeople are buying more and more Reduce electronic waste going to landfillsReduce electronic waste going to landfills Educate generatorsEducate generators Articles, etc.Articles, etc. First time DW generatorsFirst time DW generators HDTV/Digital revolution = Junked TVsHDTV/Digital revolution = Junked TVs Encourage recyclingEncourage recycling

5 A mountain range of electronic waste 250 million computers disposed over next 5 years

6 Who does the policy apply to? bFully regulated generators More than 220 lbs. generation/monthMore than 220 lbs. generation/month bFirst time DW generators SchoolsSchools Businesses with computersBusinesses with computers

7 Who doesnt it apply to? b Households Exempt from DW RegulationsExempt from DW Regulations b Small businesses Less than 220 pounds generation/monthLess than 220 pounds generation/month State allows their waste in SWLFState allows their waste in SWLF Local ordinances may prohibit!Local ordinances may prohibit! Encourage recyclingEncourage recycling

8 What does the policy allow? b Relief from full regulation when recycled b No counting b No manifesting (DOT requirements apply) b Other PC equipment that is DW can be managed under this policy

9 Reuse of Computers b Reuse of computers is okay Not regulated as dangerous wasteNot regulated as dangerous wasteExamples~ Programs that redistribute computers to schoolsPrograms that redistribute computers to schools Computers that can be sold to employeesComputers that can be sold to employees

10 Legitimate Recycling b Glass-to-glass recycling Make new CRTs out of oldMake new CRTs out of old b Reclamation Businesses that dismantle for recyclingBusinesses that dismantle for recycling Refurbish other electronicsRefurbish other electronics b Smelting Operations Reclaim lead, use as substituteReclaim lead, use as substitute

11 Policy Requirements - Generators b Accumulate up to 180 days b Handle CRTs so as to minimize breakage b Must be recycled b Can send CRTs to an intermediary facility Facility definition: A business that collects, stores, demanufactures, or dismantlesFacility definition: A business that collects, stores, demanufactures, or dismantles

12 Facility Requirements b Notify Ecology that they handle this waste Letter is okay b Trained, responsible person present b Operations conducted inside a building b A clean non-polluting operation b Allow Ecology Inspector access

13 Facility Requirements (continued) b CRTs sent to final recycling destination after dismantling [if not reused] Shipped intact or crushedShipped intact or crushed Use a bill of ladingUse a bill of lading b Accumulation allowed up to 180 days b Speculative accumulation not allowed

14 Export Requirements b Exporters must have contracts Name and location of facility Name and location of facility E-waste tracking system E-waste tracking system Details on how materials to be recycled Details on how materials to be recycled

15 Looking Ahead b CRT Policy~ a first step b EPA CRT Rule Comments b Propose & adopt a CRT rule b NEPSI Recycling System for small businesses & households?

16 Contact Information CRT Policy http://www/ecy/wa/gov/pubs/0204017.pdf http://www/ecy/wa/gov/pubs/0204017.pdf Tom Cusack - Ecology (360) 407-6755 E-mail: Rob Rieck – Ecology (360) 407-6751 E-mail: Chipper Hervieux – HWTR (360) 407-6756 E-Mail: For more information, see listed websites on CRT Policy

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