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Tacoma/Pierce County Electronics Recycling Event May 11-12, 2002.

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1 Tacoma/Pierce County Electronics Recycling Event May 11-12, 2002

2 Preliminary Processes Vendor Survey to all electronics retailers, repair facilities, suppliers to assess interest in forming a network similar to King County Disabled worker training center interested in electronics demanufacturing Few retailers were interested

3 Bid Process/Documents Prepared a Bid that was sent to everyone we were aware of in the Electronics Recycling field in the local area Surprised that many HW companies responded Prebid meeting held to answer questions- made arrangements for conference calling capability for those unable to attend in person

4 Product Stewardship Components Contract Language prohibiting overseas shipment of unprocessed materials Charged a fee to residents to participate $5 per vehicle covered first 2 monitors/CRTs $5 for each additional monitor/CRT Wrote a letter to all electronic equipment manufacturers asking for financial support

5 Product Stewardship Components Intel, Panasonic and Sharp were only three that responded positively Panasonic and Sharp paid for the processing of their equipment through Nextel Intel offered volunteer labor through STRUT PS Handout given to all attendees

6 Target Audience/Team Members Who We Collected From Tacoma and Pierce County Residents Who was Involved City of Tacoma Pierce County Local Non-Profit Agency (Students Recycling Used Technology or STRUT)

7 Advertising How we publicized the event Article in Enviro Talk Press Releases Internet TV Tacoma appearance on City Line Movie Theaters Cheney Stadium insert Display ads in News Tribune Recycling Truck Billboards Billboards

8 Event Costs What Did It Cost? We estimated costs from $30,000-$200,000 depending on the attendance and the amount of material brought to the event Recycling Costs of $56,065.58 Additional Costs for City/County staffing and advertising

9 How Did We Pay For It? We charged $5 per vehicle which covered the first two monitors (TVs and/or computers) Additional monitors were $5 each Total Collected from entrance fees was $9,200

10 Electronics Recycling Update Who Did the Recycling? Phillips Services Corporation a well-known local hazardous waste materials handler from Seattle Material was removed from vehicles by Phillips staff and placed in separate containers Reusable material was segregated for use in schools by Students Recycling Used Technology

11 What Did We Collect?

12 Who Attended?

13 How Did They Hear About It?

14 Future Collection Options Ongoing collection at Recycling Center Add to Call to Haul program Partner with local reuse network to divert reusable/repairable/upgradeable equipment back into local community Diversion to a local collection infrastructure Currently three private sector recycling options: Phillips Services Total Reclaim PC Salvage

15 Survey Results

16 Do You Want Regular Service?

17 How Would You Like Electronics To Be Collected?

18 What Are You Willing To Pay?

19 Next Steps Establish private drop off/collection services for business Determine whether to accept electronics for recycling at our Hazardous Waste Facility at the Landfill Determine whether to ban the disposal of CRTs at the landfill Determine what fees to charge for the services

20 Ready to Start

21 Happy Staffers

22 Gary Working

23 Shannon Working

24 Unloading Vehicles

25 Backstage Area

26 Too Much Stuff

27 Lessons Learned Expensive to mobilize for events (two day event made more sense cost wise than a one day event) Most people willing to pay for service Most companies arent It makes more sense to provide regular drop off service than to do events

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