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Industry Stewardship in Ontario Gordon Day for Washington State November 1, 2006.

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1 Industry Stewardship in Ontario Gordon Day for Washington State November 1, 2006

2 Todays Presentation Regulatory framework in Ontario Ontario Blue Box Program Key Features Results Scan of other provinces

3 Ontario About 2x the population and area as Washington State Birthplace of the blue box – 25 yrs ago 94% of population in Southern Ontario Waste management is provincial responsibility, managed by local regions, counties and cities S. Ontario shipped 1.15 million tons to U.S. in 2005 – will end by 2010

4 Background Minister of the Environment Minister of the Environment Waste Diversion Ontario Waste Diversion Ontario Stewardship Ontario Stewardship Ontario Waste Diversion Act, 2002 Municipalities Stewards

5 Blue Box Program Plan Industry pays 50% net municipal recycling system costs – paying to best practices Program obligates consumer products –brand owners –first importers –franchisors Stewardship Ontario sets & collects fees Fees fund municipal Blue Box recycling programs Program began: February 1, 2004

6 More than Just the Blue Box Blue Box Waste is material managed through municipal waste management systems – IC&I is not part of the program Printed paper –newspapers, flyers, magazines, catalogues, directories, direct mailings, bills, junk mail, etc. Packaging –paper packaging, plastic, aluminum, steel, glass & composites

7 Key Features Fee Setting Formula – Allocates fees across all printed paper and packaging materials – 23 material sub-categories – Changes for 2007 reward those materials with higher recovery rates On-Line Reporting – Stewards report on-line

8 Effectiveness & Efficiency (E&E) Fund Objective: to reduce system cost & minimize future cost increases as recovery increases 10% of industry contribution to municipalities directed to E&E Fund ~$5 million program funding per year 50 projects currently approved for funding valued at $7.18 M See E&E Fund section of See E&E Fund section of

9 Registrations & Reports Year One/Two2005 Sept 2004 Company registrations3,8053,829 Registered as obligated stewards1,7931,787 Obligated stewards reported1,4751,345 Fees Identified from Stewards$63.2 M$62.6 M 1 as reported in Stewardship Annual Reports

10 Results to Date Achieved financial target in 2005/06 Distributed $185 million to 190 Ontario municipal since 2003 55%+ recovery rate all materials First charges laid under the Waste Diversion Act (WDA) Market development –2003/2004 fees $2.5M for glass –2005 fees $100K for plastics

11 Beverage Containers Integrated collection with other recyclables – Beer on separate deposit system Recovery rates in 2004: – Wine/spirit glass 68% – Aluminum SD: 43% – PET beverage: 55% – Aseptic/gable top: 13% Sept 07 announcement that wine/spirits will be on deposit in 2008 – Returned through Beer Store system

12 see inset LEGEND Automotive Batteries (ULABs) Beverage Containers Construction & Demolition Dairy HSW Multi-Material Pharmaceutical Tires Used Paint Used Oil WEEE Extended Producer Responsibility - Legislation Across Canada - white-washed symbols mean proposed legislation full-colour symbols mean in-place or pending legislation

13 Other Provinces Similar approach being adopted in other provinces: – Quebec: starting Fall 2006 – Manitoba: regulation in 2006; 12 months – Saskatchewan: timing ~2008 Beverage deposits in all other provinces – High return rates; expensive $/ton – Most have parallel unfunded curbside/depot services

14 Summary Stewardship Ontario first of its kind in North America – integrated program to address all consumer packaging and printed paper Shared responsibility model approach has industry & political traction Clear shift in responsibility from government to industry – 100% vs. shared – Visible vs. invisible fees

15 Keeping Up To Date Gordon Day Manager, Customer Services 647-777-3361

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