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Why NACLA in the United States The Laboratorys Perspective.

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1 Why NACLA in the United States The Laboratorys Perspective

2 Competition of ABs Price Quality Service Responsiveness Choice Improvement Cooperation

3 Uniformity of Accreditation Assessments Stakeholder involvement Assessor Forum and Training Proficiency Test Requirements Coordination Coordinated Check-sheet development Guidance Document Coordination

4 Sector-specific requirements that are driven by regulator and/or specifier and laboratory and not by the AB Allows the stakeholders to define requirements Better requirements with NACLA coordination US/Them taken out of picture Meets Regulators/Specifiers Needs Allows AB to Attest unbiased (better)

5 Elimination of duplicative or redundant assessments Stakeholders can utilize the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17011 and require one standard Trust the evaluation of NACLA and the NACLA recognized AB Add sector specific requirements coordinated through NACLA and ACIL as required

6 Common US voice domestically and internationally on recognition/accreditation policy issues Stakeholders need one trustworthy place to discuss specifics on laboratory accreditation in the United States – That place should represent all stakeholders in the process – That place should be unbiased – That place should be able to make policy for the United States for both Accreditation Bodies and Accredited Labs

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