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„CERN50 in Germany“ Michael Kobel Bonn University Germany.

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1 „CERN50 in Germany“ Michael Kobel Bonn University Germany EPOG outreach meeting, CERN, 29.10.2004

2 Overview 20 Universities and Institutes in 15 towns: concertated „events“ mainly in October / November German „CERN 50 task force“ (5 people) design of common announcement poster translation of CERN calender images as poster update of DESY poster series from „Year of Physics“ Press and TV contact 2 DVDs distributed to institutes 5 movies, mostly in German further material (posters, audios) (also at German CERN50 agenda on (+ short articles in German) TV coverage: news and several science magazines (Nano, Q21, …) Lots of Press articles

3 Special events Many institutes put yearly events under title „CERN50“ Open days, Saturday morning physics, Science fair, extended with exhibitions (posters and more) local guided tours invited speakers in-service teacher training.. Some special events: 4.10. German CERN50 Press Round Table (ATLAS Freiburg)German CERN50 Press Round Table 7.-9.10. Particle Physics Show (Bonn)Particle Physics Show 3.11. Prizes for student competition on radioactivity (Wuppertal) 22.11. Ph.D. Degree of honour for S.Ting and C. Rubbia (Aachen)Ph.D. Degree of honour for S.Ting and C. Rubbia Program overview: Rutherford Uni Mainz

4 New: Particle Physics Show (Uni Bonn) „From Quarks to Quasars“ Triggered by researchers (H.Dreiner, M.K.) planned with students performed by students Topics: Atoms and Nuclei Detectors and Accelerators Elementary Particles Forces and Symmetries Cosmology and Particle Physics 3 performances 1200 spectators school events overbooked accelerator competition CERN T-shirt for best students at DESY linear accelerator (rebuilt in Bonn)


6 Very Useful Centrally organized: Common Announcement poster Movie DVD for exhibitions and schools (copyright?) Euro Big Bang (CERN40) Stars Underground (LEP) Time Machine (LHC) Superconducting Magnets (LHC) The ATLAS movie (LHC) Poster and Animation DVD II more:

7 Posterseries (DVD II ) CERN calender images 6 Double-Poster German or English Version CERN History: (Microcosm) 4 Poster available in English French German … German Posters „Year of Physics 2000“ 14 Poster GSI: 2 Series on loan 24 Poster DESY: update August 04

8 Summary Huge number of events from many institutes Most (but not all) events well visited broad TV and press coverage Central material paid off Interest to further distribute movie DVD (schools etc) Public liked very much physics explanation by German Poster series from 2000 (GSI + Update 2004 DESY) German CERN50 events still ongoing

9 Another Educational Conference Science on Stage Deutschland (SonS-D) initiating a 2-year European exchange process among teachers taking advantage from PoS / SonS structures 3 working groups The Interdisciplinary Approach to Science Teaching Science in Primary School The Role of Experiment in Science Teaching Time schedule: (  events) 26. - 28.11. 2004 (Bad Honnef): Kick-Off-MeetingKick-Off-Meeting 40 participants from 15 countries(!) 6 convenors 6 convenors for 3 working groups, all from Germany lodging sponsored by German SonS sponsor (metal industry) November 2005: European event “Science on Stage” 2006: European conference “Different Ways of Teaching Science in Europe” present and discuss results with a larger communityDifferent Ways of Teaching Science in Europe

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