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PDC Corporate Profile Positive Patient Identification Solutions Bar Code Wristbands Smart Band ® RFID Solutions.

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2 PDC Corporate Profile Positive Patient Identification Solutions Bar Code Wristbands Smart Band ® RFID Solutions

3 GARY HUTCHINSON, PRESIDENT, CEO 25 years of Healthcare Experience 1981 founded Zymed 2000 Zymed sold to Agilent 2001 Joined Board of Directors PDC 2002 President and CEO PDC

4 PDC Profile Founded in 1956; Privately held. Corporate headquarters in San Fernando, CA Global leader and pioneer in automatic identification wristbands. 70% market share in domestic Healthcare identification wristbands. Introduced first patient bar code ID wristband in Launched radio frequency ID (RFID) wristbands in International distributors spanning 100 countries. Products engineered to highest quality ISO 9001 standards.

5 DR. WALTER MOSHER, PHD, CHAIRMAN, CTO Founder of PDC 1956 President until 2002 Expertise includes: Transportation Safety Identification Patient Safety Holder of numerous patents in these fields.

6 1950 First Patient ID Band with Secure Closure

7 First Patient ID Band with a Permanent Snap 1958

8 Mother/Infant Bands (Speedi-Print) Correlated number system positively identifies baby with mother and other family members Snap closure for added security Smooth soft vinyl is comfortable and safe for sensitive skin

9 On Demand Direct Thermal Printing 1983

10 Labels ( Laser or Thermal ) for Pre-Snapped Wrist Bands

11 RFID Wrist Bands: the Next Step


13 Outside Influences for Implementing Auto ID Solutions in Healthcare JCAHO: National Patient Safety Goals 1. Improve accuracy of patient identification. 2. Eliminate wrong-site, wrong-patient, wrong procedure surgery. 3. Improve safety of infusion pumps. FDA Requirement: Dosage level marking of medications to manage 5-Rights (Right Patient, Right Dose, Right Medication, Right Time, Right Delivery Method). HIPPAA: Provide Privacy Protection for Patients IOM Study: 98,000 deaths due to medical errors Institute of Medicine Report To Err is Human


15 Provide Positive Patient Identification Reduce Medical Errors Insure Safe Medication Administration Accurate Point of Care Testing Correct Specimen/Phlebotomy Tracking Improved Billing PDC Bar Code Wrist Bands


17 I. What is Smart Band Radio Frequency Identification? II. Why is RFID the next technological step after bar coding?

18 What is RFID? RFID is Radio Frequency Identification A technology in the Automatic Identification family: – Barcodes – Biometrics – Voice Recognition – Magnetic – Touch – RFID

19 RFID is not new Historical applications include: – Tractor Trailer Tracking – Railcar Tracking – Yard Management – Parking Lot Access – Toll Collection – Access Control – Smart Cards – Animal Identification – Fuel dispensing loyalty programs

20 What is Smart Band? Inlet is sealed in an economical, non-transferable wristband. Unlike barcode, RFID provides an over-the-air interface. Line-of- Sight communication is not necessary (Read/Write through and around bedding, clothing, and the human body). Read/Write capability allows for data transfer to and from host systems and data storage (i.e. Bloodtype, Allergic Reaction Warning, Instructions/DNR, Surgery Site).

21 Smart Band Attributes Mhz passive (no battery) technology. 2000k bits of data storage = 256 characters. Available in rolls for print and program on demand issuing. Factory imbedded unique serial number. Lockable data fields. Zebra R402 Printer/Programmer

22 Auto ID Advantages for Healthcare Prevent data entry and collection errors. Improve system efficiency. Reduce forms processing time. Improve tracking of labor and supplies. Improve communications between doctors, nurses and patients. Cross language barriers.

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