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Electroplating to make nanostructures

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1 Electroplating to make nanostructures

2 You can also create a very thin film using the same process that is used to produce silverware.

3 Teapots are electroplated with a thin layer of silver to give them an attractive finish. Objects that are electroplated are first cleaned, then placed in a bath that contains ions, or positively charged atoms, of the metal that will be deposited on them

4 Your Electroplating Circuit

5 Electroplating a Thin Film
The components of an electroplating circuit are at the center of each table. Carefully put the electrodes into the solution of zinc nitrate. Turn the switch on to start the electroplating process. Stop electroplating when the copper electrode seems to be covered with zinc. Put the electrodes on a paper towel at the center of the table.

6 Electroplating Zinc onto Copper
V Copper cathode Zinc anode ZnNO3 dissolved in water Zn+2 Zn(0) –> Zn2+ + 2e- oxidation reduction Zn2+ + 2e- –> Zn(0)

7 Amount of Deposition The number of zinc ions that become atoms depends on the number of electrons that pass through the circuit Zn2+ 2e- ammeter I

8 Why choose electroplating to make nanostructures??
The process is easy to operate and only needs simple equipment. It’s simple to control the deposition rate by controlling the voltage or current. It’s a good way to make Nanowires in a porous template.

9 Electrodeposited Nanowires
nanoporous template nanowires in a diblock copolymer template nanowires in a polycarbonate filter

10 If the nanowires are magnetic, they can be used to store data
Data storage elements Application (arrow indicates the direction of magnetization)

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