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Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities The Champions of Hispanic Success In Higher Education!

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1 Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities The Champions of Hispanic Success In Higher Education!

2 About HACU - Founded in Texas in 1986 representing 16 colleges and universities; today we represent more than 450 colleges and universities in the US and abroad - Only nationally recognized organization representing Hispanic Serving Institutions -Western Regional Office opened in Sacramento, CA in 2005 -96 members: -50 Community Colleges -22 California State University Campuses -10 University of California Campuses -14 Private Colleges and Universities -6 Hispanic Serving School Districts

3 State Policy Efforts K-12 Education Policy AB 531: Mendez v. Westminster AB 178: 3 Year College Readiness Equity Program SB 890: Early College Commitment Program

4 State Policy Efforts Financial Aid Bills AB 175 – Cal Grant B Access Costs AB 302 – Cal Grant B: First Year Tuition for Cal Grant B Recipients The California Dream Act The Dream Act is being reintroduced by Senator Cedillo in a modified format

5 State Budget Efforts – California Community Colleges $3.6M Reduction in Student Success for Basic Skills Students Program Across-the-Board Reductions $14.4M Extended Opportunity and Special Services (EOPS) Across-the-Board Reductions $671,000 Fund for Student Success Reduction Includes: Puente, MESA, and Middle College High Schools

6 State Budget Efforts – Financial Aid Competitive Cal Grants Governor has proposed eliminating all new competitive grants – 22,500 fewer students would get a grant California Student Opportunity and Access Program (Cal-SOAP) Governor has proposed $637,000 reduction in program (BBR)

7 Federal Efforts: Title V Title V appropriations for undergraduate support for HSIs of $175M First-time legislation and funding for graduate education under Title V of $20M

8 The Federal DREAM Act Prospects for another chance at the DREAM Act? Last vote for cloture on October 24, 2007 was 44-52

9 College Cost Reduction and Access Act President Signed HR 2669 on September 27, 2007 Gains for HSIs: –$200 Million mandatory spending for HSIs to address under- representation of Latinos in STEM areas. –Enhances STEM education at HSIs –Increases Resources for Upward Bound –Increases maximum award to Pell Grant recipients to $4,800 in 2008 and to $5,400 in 2012. Cuts student loan interest rates in half in five years

10 Capitol Forum in DC Join us in Washington, DC for our National Capitol Forum on Hispanic Higher Education on April 13– April 15, 2008

11 HACU National Internship Program Largest Latino Internship Program in the Nation 6,000 alumni Paid internships open to all majors, college students with sophomore status Congressional Recognition for Increasing Federal Workforce Participation among Latinos Provides Students with Work Experience to Make Them Successful After College

12 Questions on Federal Affairs? HACU Federal Government Relations Dr. Gumecindo Salas, VP Government Relations, Rosa Garcia, Executive Director of Legislative Affairs, Rocio Del Arroyo, Administrative Manager, One Dupont Circle, Suite 605 Washington, DC 20036 Phone: (202) 833-8361 Fax: (202) 833-8367

13 Hispanic Serving School District Initiative New initiative sponsored by Sallie Mae Links K-12 Hispanic Serving School Districts with Hispanic Serving Institutions Best practices for closing the achievement gap and increasing college going rates for Latinos

14 The Year of Education: Latino Priorities Register Now at! The Year of Education Reform: Latino Priorities Joint Policy Conference and Advocacy Day April 22-23, 2008 Sacramento, CA

15 HACU Western Regional Office Contact: Erica Romero Executive Director of Western States Legislative Affairs 915 L Street, Suite 1425 Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 442-0392

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