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Grammar Unit Verbs.

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1 Grammar Unit Verbs

2 Let’s Review . . . The verb is the fourth of the eight parts of speech. Just for the record, here are all eight: Noun Pronoun Adjective Verb Adverb Preposition Conjunction Interjection

3 Verbs can be used in different ways.
They can be action or linking. They can be in active or passive voice … Where do we begin?

4 First, let's start with a basic definition:
A verb is a word that expresses action, makes a statement, or links relationships.

5 You now have 2 minutes . . . Turn to the student next to you and see how many Verbs you and your partner can come up with.

6 Action verbs do just that.
They demonstrate action. Examples: Jim hit the ball. Susie cooked spaghetti. Joey drove the tractor.

7 Linking verbs make statements
OR they express links and relationships. Examples, statements: She is a good girl. He is a football player. Examples, links/relationships: She is my mother. That boy is my neighbor.

8 Find a partner . . . With your partner, come up with three sentences that include Action Verbs and 3 sentences that include Linking Verbs. Be prepared to share your sentences with the class.

9 Linking verbs are on a special list:
Am Is Are Was Were Be Being Been Has been Have been Had been Will be Shall be May be Would have been Should have been Can be Should be Would be (any combination that ENDS with be or been.) Seem Become Taste Feel Smell Sound Look Appear Grow Remain Stay

10 Now, let’s try something . . .
Without looking, how many Linking Verbs are there? OK, now that you have guessed, go ahead and look. Next: Choose a partner and come up with a way that you can memorize and recognize all the Linking Verbs. You will share your ideas with the class in a few minutes.

11 There are three more things you should know about Linking Verbs . . .
In a verb phrase, it is the word that ENDS the phrase that determines usage. For example, in the phrase, "is cooking," even though "is" would be classified as a linking verb used by itself, the last word in the phrase is "cooking." Therefore, the verb phrase is action and "is" was used simply as a helping verb - NOT a linking verb.

12 HINT: Linking verbs can be in any tense and can have endings such as "ing" or "ed" and they are STILL linking verbs. HINT: Some of the verbs on the linking verb list can be used as action verbs OR linking verbs. Be sure to reason out their usage. Now we are going to identify verbs and linking verbs in sentences . . .

13 Examples: The tree grew to be quite tall.
(action verb - The tree physically grew.) The man grew weary. (linking verb - expresses a statement, even a relationship between the man and "weary.") She is looking at the picture. (action verb - She is physically doing the action of looking.) She is looking paler by the minute. (linking verb - links "she" with "paler.")

14 Now, with a partner . . . You have 2 minutes to create 3 humorous sentences that contain both action and linking verbs. Be prepared, you will share with the class!

15 Take a few moments to review for the quiz


17 Verb Quiz Identify the verbs in the following sentences.
Note “A” for action and “L” for linking. 1. The mayor suggested that the boy clean Wilmington Statue for his community service project. 2.Two friends water-skied on Lake Erie. 3.The twins, who are from the large city of Houston, are vacationing in Canada. 4.The teacher asked the student for his report on the country of France. 5.The address on the envelope was Mexico. 6.The witness's story is about a man in a building. 7.The factory blew into a thousand pieces. 8.Mary was so excited that she ran all the way home.

18 Verb Homework In a newspaper or magazine, find an article that interests you and is more than 10 sentences in length. Tape the article to a clean sheet of paper. With a GREEN pencil or pen, underline and number all the verb in the article. On the paper, identify the type of verb it is. Due Tomorrow at the beginning of class.

19 Answers Suggested - A, Clean – A Water-skied - A
Are - L, Are vacationing – A Asked – A Was – L Is – L Blew – A Was - L, Ran - A

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