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English 9 Honors Semester 2 Final

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1 English 9 Honors Semester 2 Final
110 points 15% of 2nd semester grade Multiple choice Matching True/false Poetry Analysis Reading passage Writing/revision 1 essay question/choice of 5 writing prompts

2 Poetry and Drama Terms Review: Know: Poetry/Drama terms list
Romeo and Juliet quotes packet Lord of the Flies handouts Know: Poetic/dramatic terms & definitions (20) Examples of poetic/dramatic terms Analyze short poem for poetic devices

3 Final – Terms to Know imagery figure of speech allusion pun oxymoron
iambic pentameter rhyme scheme approximate rhyme internal rhyme tragedy foil alliteration assonance stanza couplet sonnet prologue aside soliloquy dramatic irony

4 Lord of the Flies Comprehensive questions (T/F & Mult. Choice)
Symbolism (chart) Leadership qualities of Jack v. Ralph (chart) Conflicting societies est. by Jack & Ralph Main characters and the aspect of human nature each of them represents ID “Lord of the Flies” and “Beast” Choice of 5 essay questions/answer 1 Themes

5 Grammar/Mechanics Parts of Speech Prefixes Writing/revision skills
Review Parts of Speech Chart Prefixes Review Word Parts List Writing/revision skills Sentence structure Run-ons & fragments Grammar Punctuation

6 Parts of Speech Adjectives Verbs Adverbs Prepositions Nouns Conjunctions Pronouns Interjections

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