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Abstract Plus Abstract Plus Overview for Pacific Regional Central Cancer Registry Honolulu, Hawaii March 7, 2009 Software for Abstracting and Coding Cancer.

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1 Abstract Plus Abstract Plus Overview for Pacific Regional Central Cancer Registry Honolulu, Hawaii March 7, 2009 Software for Abstracting and Coding Cancer Cases

2 Overall Learning Objectives Identify Abstract Plus purpose and benefits Logging into Abstract Plus Identify the components of Abstract Plus Understand how Abstract Plus is set up and configured Create and modify abstracts; resolve edit errors Export abstracts Run the available reports

3 Used to abstract and code cancer cases using standard data items and codes Supports abstraction of all data items in national standard data sets, including all text fields and state- specific data items Entered abstracts are validated by customizable edits, allowing for interactive error correction while abstracting Customized by central registries for distribution to and use by hospitals and other reporting sources Also used for special projects and start-up registries Abstract Plus

4 Abstract Plus Purpose Summarize the medical record into an electronic report of cancer diagnosis and treatment by abstractors and other individuals or groups who work with cancer data CDC provides support and consultation to state central registries for their state-specific customization and distribution of the Registry Plus software

5 Abstract Plus Features Output: electronic abstract in the format of the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR) data exchange layout State-specific needs in data collection can be accommodated Edits are tightly integrated into Abstract Plus, allowing for interactive editing and error correction Abstract Plus includes Registry Plus Online Help

6 Abstract Plus Features Can be distributed free of charge to cancer reporting facilities in a state Suitable for reporting from non-registry hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other sources for cancer incident reports Can be configured for special studies

7 Abstract Plus Users Facility Abstractors: –Add, edit, delete, and export abstracts (cannot perform administrative functions) Administrators: Perform all the functions of Facility Abstractors, plus: –Edit display types and fields –Change user IDs or passwords –Administrator password is required

8 Abstract Plus Basics Log in as a guest Create your own user ID and password Log in using your own user ID and password Navigate the Abstract Plus main menu

9 Launching Abstract Plus Start--->All Programs--->Abstract Plus---> Absplus

10 Logging in as the Guest User guest

11 Creating a New User ID AP1



14 Abstract Plus Main Window YOU ARE LOGGED ON

15 Abstract Plus File Menu Items


17 New Abstract

18 Display Fields Area Field Entry/Code Selection Information Tabs – Text/Edits/ Projects Abstract Section Display Type Abstract Reference ID Number

19 Enter a Few Fields

20 Save Your Work!

21 Assign a Project to the Abstract

22 Close the Abstract

23 Open/Find the Abstract Double-click Patient Name to Open

24 Copy the Abstract

25 Copied to New Abstract Abstract Reference ID Number 2

26 Save New Abstract

27 Run Edits on the Abstract

28 Abstract Plus Edits Tab Selected Error Total Number of Errors Edit Set Name Failed Edit Name Fields Included in Edit

29 Data Editing - Overview Edits consist of data validation routines: Single field edits –Verify that only acceptable values are used for codes –Example: check validity of primary site code Interfield edits –Enforce relationships among values in related data items –Example: check validity of primary site code for a specific sex code

30 Standard Setters and Edits Development Standard Setters –SEER –COC –NPCR –NAACCR Edits Development –Establish specifications –Write edits

31 Users of Data Edits NAACCR SEER NPCR COC/NCDB State cancer registries Hospital cancer registries Cancer registry software providers

32 Use edits for: Evaluation of data quality prior to submission to CCR or SS Correcting edit errors on report from CCR Abstracting (interactive data validation w/in software) Run edits on CCR and Reporting hospital submissions to: Enforce national data standards Assess data quality and completeness Provide feedback to CCRs and Reporting Hospitals Vendors Reporting Facilities Central Cancer Registries (CCR) Standard Setters (SS) Incorporate edits in Reporting Facility and CCR cancer abstraction and reporting software (interactive data validation & batch mode) Support CCR and Facility- specific edit needs Run Call For Data edits prior to submission to SS Run edits on incoming data submissions to assess for accuracy and completeness, and to identify training needs NPCR, SEER, & NAACCR COC COC-Approved EDITS Used at ALL LEVELS of Cancer Reporting

33 Edit Differences by Agency SEER Edits Strict application of rules by diagnosis year – Example: Treatment edits Many edits include Sequence Number – Central CoC Edits Assume data conversion rather than strict application of rules by diagnosis year –Example: Treatment edits Many edits include Sequence Number - Hosp

34 The Data Cleaning Cycle Using EDITS Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until clean!

35 Edit Name* Agency Edit Sets Fields* Error Messages* Description* Administrative Notes Edit Logic *Note: Sections marked with an asterisk are commonly referenced when resolving errors, and are included in your PRCCR edits dictionary Edits Documentation Report Sections

36 Date of Last Contact, Date of Diag. (NAACCR IF19) FIELDS: Date of Diagnosis Date of Last Contact ERROR MESSAGES: Date of Diagnosis and Date of Last Contact conflict DESCRIPTION: Date of Last Contact must not precede Date of Diagnosis. If either year is unknown (9999), the edit is skipped. If either month is unknown (99), then only the years are compared. If either day is unknown (99), then only the years and months are compared. ADMINISTRATIVE NOTES: Edit Name List of fields checked by edit Error message: What’s wrong or needs to be reviewed Description: The coding “rules”; may include tips or additional coding rules to help resolve error Administrative Notes: Additional information; how edit differs from another edit of same name

37 5 Easy Steps to Cleaner Cancer Data: 1.Review error message/edit description 2.Note the fields to be reviewed 3.Review the codes 4.Verify the codes through review of Text 5.Resolve the error Resolving Listed Errors

38 Resolving Listed Errors Setting Over-rides Should not be set unless the case has been reviewed and documentation is found to confirm that the case is rare or unusual and was originally correctly coded Majority of errant cases corrected, not over- ridden Enter a ‘1’ (2 or 3) to indicate that the case has been reviewed, and is correct-as-is Will prevent the case from generating an error when it is re-run through the edits

39 Impact of Edits “Standardized transportable data edits and easy-to-use software for creating and applying them have enhanced the accuracy and comparability of data from reporting facilities and central registries across North America.” 1 1 Menck, HR, Deapen, D, Phillips, JL, and Tucker, TC. (Eds.). (2007). Central Cancer Registries: Design, Management and Use, page 151.

40 Export Abstract In general, only complete cases (no edit errors) are exported, for reporting to the CCR

41 Export Abstract


43 Abstract Plus Administrator Menu

44 Abstract Plus Utilities Menu Items


46 Abstract Plus Utilities Menu Batch Completion Re-check

47 Abstract Plus Utilities Menu Doctor Query System

48 Abstract Plus Reports Menu Items


50 Abstract Plus Reports Accession Register

51 Abstract Plus Reports Patient Index

52 Abstract Plus Reports Selected Cases


54 Abstract Plus Reports Status Report (Count)

55 Abstract Plus Reports Status Report

56 Abstract Plus Reports Completion Status by Month


58 Abstract Plus Help Menu Items


60 Abstract Plus Help Contents

61 Integrated, user-friendly, Windows-based Help system Facilitates abstraction of cancer cases by incorporating standard abstracting and coding manuals into one accessible, easy-to-use resource Contains text of major cancer registry coding references, hyper-linked and cross-indexed for online viewing –NAACCR Data Dictionary, COC FORDS, Collaborative Staging, SEER Manuals (Coding Manual/Old EOD), ICD-O-3, Edits Integrated into Registry Plus products, when applicable Registry Plus Online Help RPOH

62 RPOH Contents Contains text of major cancer registry coding references –NAACCR Data Dictionary –COC FORDS –Collaborative Staging –SEER Manuals (Coding Manual/Old EOD) –ICD-O-3 –Edits information –Abstract Plus Users Guide

63 Registry Plus Online Help Navigation PaneDisplay Pane

64 Standard Windows help functions Four Tabs –Contents: Find a book and topic when you know what you are looking for and where –Index: Find a pre-indexed topic, for example, by NAACCR data item name –Search: Full text search. Find a topic not pre- indexed, e.g., “gestational trophoblastic” –Favorites: Save your most frequently accessed topics for even faster look-up Registry Plus Online Help


66 Click on the “+” sign to the left of a purple book to open it Click on the “+” sign to the left of a sub-book to open it Click on a topic to view information in the display pane Contents Tab



69 Abstract Plus Help Search for Help On


71 Favorites Tab In Contents Tab, select Topic that you wish to add to your Favorites


73 RPOH—How to Use Browse buttons —”page” through a book Internal hyperlinks to other parts of the same book Cross references between books

74 RPOH—Browse Buttons

75 RPOH—Internal Hyperlinks

76 RPOH—Cross References

77 Abstract Plus Help About (Version Info)

78 Registry Plus Abstracting Exercises Mock Case A as a Group Mock Case B Independently

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