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Grade 10 Art Making Postcards. Create a series of postcards that look good together.

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1 Grade 10 Art Making Postcards

2 Create a series of postcards that look good together.

3 Be creative and original in your approach.

4 Use pre-existing images and combine them with other elements.

5 Collage similar things and/or related things. Think in layers….

6 Combine unusual text, colours and images. Consider cropping images in unusual ways. Create a smart doodle but make it sophisticated by considering composition and texture. Add interesting text.

7 Create postcards that others wouldn’t think to make. You can use any method or artistic technique.

8 Keep your work smart and fresh. Avoid pretty, conventional, cute or cliché…

9 When you do your b&w one be sure to eliminate your dead space.

10 Create 5 postcards. Make sure 4 of your postcards include at least one of the following: ~ text ~ numbers ~ juxtaposed images ~ hand drawn images ~ colour ~ black & white only ~ layers complexity + creativity + finish + studio effort = your mark

11 Postcards created by grade 10 students



14 Grade 10 student examples……










24 Postcard Assignment (25 pts) Create 5 postcards: 4 must have a dominant (and later named) Element & Principle 1 of the Postcards must be Black & White only. The 5th Postcard is a free choice. You need not have any dominant E & P's. Just write a brief artist statement on the possible meaning of this one.

25 You are asked to create 5 postcards approximate size 15 x 10cm (to be confirmed). Use collage material. Create your own highly creative postcards using images/textures/colours/text, etc, from magazines (supplied). You are asked to put together a postcard from multiple sources, not just one. In order words, build up complex composition from a number of images, not just one large picture. Once you begin, you have 5 days to complete. This means one postcard per lesson. Please use you time productively

26 Artist Statements The subject matter and the images you use is entirely your choice. The postcards may be themed (people, cities, animals, etc) or less obvious and perhaps more abstract/ experimental (colours, texture, pattern, etc) Each postcard should have some kind of message or meaning. The use of Type will help convey this but that is your choice. Each postcard will also be based on a dominant Element & Principle. Each postcard will go in your sketchbook/binder and come with a separate Artist Statement (at least 5 sentences). For each postcard, the statement you write/type statement for must describe the message or meaning of the piece. At some point in your statement, you must highlight the chosen Element & Principles.

27 Example Artist Statement This postcard is about the meaning of art. It is a play on the idea of art that be can be hung on the wall. Hanging a painting on a wall, whether it be in an art gallery or the home, is about as traditional as it gets. ‘Art, nail it to the Wall’ is an attempt to turn tradition on its head by suggesting art made from the nails that usually remain invisible. The element of text is used within the piece to emphasise the meaning. The nails represent the principle of unity as they all appear to be the same size.

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