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Localized initiatives & global virtual institutes Stina Gestrelius Medicon Valley Academy Sweden-Denmark April 2005.

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1 Localized initiatives & global virtual institutes Stina Gestrelius Medicon Valley Academy Sweden-Denmark April 2005

2 Medicon Valley 26 hospitals 6 science parks 14 universities >100 medtech companies >100 biotech companies >50 pharma companies CROs, service providers, investors 36.000 employees (29+7) 60 % of DK+S bio/med. exports 3.2 million inhabitants 140.000 students 6.000 bio-R&D


4 *Copenhagen University (35,000 students) *Danish Technical University *Danish Pharmaceutical University *Danish Veterinary & Agricultural University *Roskilde University Center Copenhagen Business School Copenhagen IT University Danish Educational University Danish Library University Danish Arts and Architecture School *Lund University (35,000 students) *Malmö University College *Swedish Agricultural University Kristianstad University College * Denotes bio/med/tech research Universities in Øresund Region

5 Number of publications and citations in biotech (1997-2001) PublicationsCitations Boston 37,000185,000 Bay Area (US)27,500140,000 Paris27,000 85,000 Medicon Valley15,000 52,000 Cambridge area15,000 51,000 Stockholm14,000 49,000 Munich12,000 25,000. The Boston Consulting Group, 2002

6 Medicon Valley Strategic Report Number of biotech publications Karolinska Institutet Stanford Oxford City University of London, 2004

7 Scientific Excellence Diabetes Neuroscience Oncology Inflammation Infection control Stemcell research Nanotechnology Proteomics

8 Medicon Valley Blockbusters Cipramil (antidepressive) Lundbeck NovoPen (insulin) Novo Nordisk Turbuhaler (powder inhalator) AstraZeneca, Lund

9 Research infrastructure investments BMC (Lund) Bio Medical Center CRC (Malmö) Clinical Research Center BRIC (Copenhagen) Biotech Research and Innovation Center Total investments 3-4 billion SEK SWEGENE (Lund) Postgenomic RT Programme in South Western Sweden

10 Proteomics Microarray Cryo-EM Genomic Ecology University Hospital BMC Ideon Science Park MAX-lab Transgenic core facility Bioinformatics Chemical Centre LTH Sony Ericsson Gambro Active Biotech Astra Zeneca 500 m School of Economics LUND North Campus Area ESS?

11 Symbion Science Park Copenhagen *85 enterprises in Symbion (+BRIC) *Main competences are IT and Biotechnology Bio: ACADIA, AH Diagnostics, Astion, A-Syntese, BioMonitor, Cartificial, Chempaq, Ciphergen, CMC, Colotech, CopyGene, Direct Haler, ENKAM, Evolva, Genesto, HemeBiotech, KLIFO, Leucotech, Lica, LivingCell, MedChem, NatImmune, Nordic Bone, Pipeline Biotech, Schafer, TAG, Topo.

12 Medicon Valley Academy Initiative 1995 from universities and big pharma companies 2000: Private membership based non profit organisation Universities, hospitals & companies (250 members) 2 nations – 2 systems

13 Founding members LU: Per Belfrage (chair) KU: Søren Buus Skåne: Ingvar Wiberg K Amt: Joost Nielsen H:S: Helle Ulrichsen Fredr Amt: Anders Kyst Elected Mikael Ørum, Ventac Partners Sibylle Moltzen Lenz, Lundbeck Børge Diderichsen, NovoNordisk Lars Hedbys, Synarc Lars-Erik Arvidsson, AstraZeneca Cristina Glad, BioInvent Sven Frøkjær, DFU Søren Brunak, DTU Mogens Pedersen, Coloplast

14 Cluster Dynamics ConceptionFormation Growth Maturity Knowledge Creation Technology Transfer Commercialisation Clusters & Networks Industry R & D Public & Private Funding Universities & Research Institutions Patents & Licences Proof of Concept Testing Incubation/ Research Parks Venture Capital Clinical Trials Collaboration/ Partnerships Regulatory Approval Business Planning Job Creation IPOs/gazelles Labour Market Product Pipeline Economics of Scale Regulatory Environment M&A Activity Industry Partnerships Upstream Midstream Downstream



17 POST-DOC programme (9) system biology nanobiotechnology 3D-modelling of molecular structures Cooperation between Ø-forsk, Øresund IT Academy and Medicon Valley Academy. Medicon Valley Academy PhD programme (12) PhD students co-financed between companies and HUR/Region Skåne

18 Bioinformatics Biostatistics Children and Diabetes 3D-modelling of Proteins Food versus Drugs (2) Hospital laboratory of the future Infectious diseases Inflammation IT-competent hospitals Medical Imaging (2) Nanobiotechnology Neuroscience Oncology Point-of-care testing Proteomics (2) Stem cells therapeutic perspectives Therapeutic medical devices

19 MVA Networks Biostatistics Business & Start-ups Cancer Diabetes Drug Development Food versus Drugs Hospital Management Human Resources Hepatocyte User Group Mass Spectroscopy Technology Transfer

20 Strategic Report on Research in prep. Future research strategies and implications for Medicon Valley Copenhagen 30 March 2005 Bertil Andersson, European Science Foundation, Strasbourg Bruno Hansen, Danish Council for Research Policy, Copenhagen Staffan Normark, Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, Stockholm Kristian Helin, Biotech Research & Innovation Center (BRIC), Copenhagen Other: Danish governmental declaration Feb 2005 Swedish research bill March 2005 Six Countries Programme Conference Etc.

21 Commercialization of public research Medicon Valley (2002) Karolinska Institutet (2003) Oxford University (2003) Stanford University (2002) INPUT Research spend per year (mill. ) 300 300 200-250 400 OUTPUT Publications 3200 2800 1900 2000 Invention disclosures 180 100 150 315 From BioScience to New Jobs in Medicon Valley - A Medicon Valley Academy Strategic Report

22 1)More commercial know-how into Technology Transfer Organisations 2) Regional TTO cooperation (!) 3) Funding for Proof - of- Concept studies 4) Seed investments across Øresund (!) 5) Tax incentives for the Young Biotech Industry From BioScience to New Jobs in Medicon Valley - A Medicon Valley Academy Strategic Report MVA STRATEGIC REPORTS Innovation Report 2004 Recommendations to improve the competitiveness of Medicon Valley

23 New bio/med-tech companies in 2004 Bioneer BKG Pharma Cytotrack DanChip Dermagen Dermalcol Essentys Medical Prognosis Inst Micromorph Neobiotics Novosense Oncore Therapeutics PHI Picology Plug-in Medical Protista Biotechnology Quantibact StratoSphere Pharma VibroSense Dynamics Retrospective 125 new companies since 1997 Alt. venture capital, survival rates, IPOs etc.

24 Regional Guides Patent Guide (2003) Financing Guide (2004) Drug Development Guide (2005)


26 Medicon Valley Academy Øresund IT Academy Øresund Food Network Øresund Environment Øresund Logistics Øresund Design Øresund Nano

27 Development over time 9596979899000102030405 Bio Food IT Environment De- sign Logistics Nano Multimedia InterReg projectPrep. Membership organisation

28 Nordic Research & Innovation Aims for borderless systems within the Nordic countries

29 ScanBalt: Network of Networks PLUS: BioTop (Berlin) BioMoBil (Gdansk) Ebio (Tallinn-Tartu) Latvia St. Petersburg Sunrise Valley

30 I think the UK and this region are perfect partners and I would like to see even greater cooperation. I am, therefore, delighted to announce today the establishment of the UK-MVA Challenge Programme. This initiative aims to encourage and facilitate greater co-operation between the UK and the Öresund region in core biotechnology areas such as research and industry. The Challenge Programme seeks to develop world class biotechnology... Lord Sainsbury, UK Minister of Research and Innovation (Oct. 2004)

31 Changed dynamics Regional integration Denmark - Sweden Researchers/ infrastructure /tech transfer/ investments Sectorial integration Academia- Hospital- Industry Increased research funding (regional, Nordic, EC) Increased awareness of research & innovation

32 Changed dynamics Increased investments, seed and venture capital for start-up companies (E&Y 2004) New companies and knowledge intensive jobs Increased internationalization incl.regional exchange with the UK International companies established in the region (e.g. Biogen Idec)

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