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Buckeye Local School District State of the District 2008 2008 August 05, 2008.

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1 Buckeye Local School District State of the District 2008 2008 August 05, 2008

2 Program Outline District Profile Transportation OAT & OGT Scores Enrollment Finances Ohio School Facilities Commission

3 District Profile (where we were) Buckeye Local (1972) Buckeye North High School Buckeye South High School Buckeye West High School Buckeye South-West High School (1989) Buckeye Local High School (1991)

4 District Profile (were we are now) Buckeye Local High School 1991 South-West Middle South ElementaryWest Elementary North Middle North ElementaryNorth-West Elem.

5 Transportation Fleet of 28 buses operate each day Transport 1,500 BLSD students daily Our District is 128 square miles Buses travel 2,900 miles per day and 575,000 miles per year

6 Transportation Our buses average 7.75 miles per gallon Diesel fuel is averaging close to $5.00 per gallon During the FY 99 year the district fleet used 69,671 gallons of diesel fuel, and spent $53,027.19 on fuel. Last school year the district fleet used 72,502 gallons of diesel fuel, and spent $243,256.00 on fuel.

7 2008 District Test Scores

8 How are we trying to improve? Curriculum Mapping Whole Faculty Study Group Ohio Public Works Numerous professional development activities (in addition to those listed above)

9 District Enrollment BLSD is located in an Appalachian county that has experienced a steady decrease in population. BLSD has average over 2000 students for many years. Over the last decade, enrollment has decreased by 439 students. Currently the district enrollment is 2297.

10 Enrollment (by year and grade) (1998-2008)

11 Enrollment Projections (2008-2018) Should the current trend continue over the next ten years, enrollment is predicted to decrease by 278 students. The 2017-2018 school year enrollment is estimated to be 1,873.

12 Enrollment (grade level and year) (2008-2018)

13 Finances (state vs. local) A district will receive two basic types of funding: state and local. BLSD, like all districts in Ohio, has their state funding based on student enrollment. The more students you have enrolled, the more state funding! The less students, the less state funding! Local funding is based on local ballot initiatives. (i.e. operating levies, permanent improvement levies and bond issues).

14 Finances (Local History) Voters approved a continuing general operating expense levy of 18 mills on November 02, 1976. Voters approved a continuing general operating expense levy of 5 mills on May 06, 1986. Voters approved a 24 year bond issue of 3.7 mills for the construction of a new high school on November 11, 1987. Voters defeated a five year emergency operating levy of 3 mills on June 02, 1992. Voters defeated a five year emergency operating levy of 3.25 mills on August 04, 1992.

15 Finances (Staff) BLSD has 180 teachers. This certified staff belongs to the Buckeye Local Classroom Teachers Association. (BLCTA) BLSD also has 101 classified support staff (secretary- clerical, custodial, maintenance, classroom aides, transportation and cafeteria). They are members of the Ohio Association of Public School Employees. (OAPSE) Both BLCTA and OAPSE have negotiated agreements that clearly outline work hours, salary, health benefits and retirement.

16 Financial Report (FY 2008)

17 Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) Organization created by the Ohio State Legislature in response to the De Roulf case. Primary responsibility is to create a fair and equitable system of funding new school construction. Schools are chosen based on their local wealth (i.e. local businesses, property taxes and population, etc.). Projects are considered a partnership between the state and the district. OSFC will agree to fund a pre-determined amount and the district will pay the remainder through local bond issues.

18 OSFC Master Plan BLSD has been given the opportunity to participate in a $44 million OSFC program. Our partnership is a 50-50 split. ($22 million) The plan calls for renovations and additions to the high school so it will accommodate grades 7 – 12. The plan also allows the district to choose between one or two elementary schools that will house grades pre-k to 6. At this time the Board of Education has deferred so it may seek public input. BLSD will be given an opportunity in November to accept, reject or defer this offer once again.

19 OSFC (What would it cost me?)

20 Where do we go from here? BLSD must trim their expenses. Major expenses are transportation, building upkeep, and salaries. Transportation routes will be recalculated to ensure efficiency. Major purchases will be reduced. Staff reductions will occur via retirements and resignations. Building usage will be restructured. Explore the OSFC proposal.

21 District Profile (2009 – 2010 school year) Buckeye Local High School Buckeye Local Middle School (combination of South-West and North Middle North ElemNorth-West ElemWest ElemSouth Elem

22 Questions

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