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This is Mousa Kabellan, fifteen years old, a Jewish boy who converted his religion and embraced the Islam. No one from his best friends or even his relatives.

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2 This is Mousa Kabellan, fifteen years old, a Jewish boy who converted his religion and embraced the Islam. No one from his best friends or even his relatives knows that Mousa becomes a Muslim, except us who are reading his note book that he published on the world wide web, retelling his feelings when he welcome his first Ramadan in his whole life, after depriving away the Jewish and embraced Islam.

3 He said I have a mix of feeling between enthusiastic and frightening; the problem is not on fasting Ramadan itself, but on how to hide this from my family and friends; I didnt tell my parents yet about embracing Islam. Although I am whole heartedly want to tell them in addition to my happiness and pride of being a Muslim, it seems impossible to proclaim about my hidden treasure. After several time from seeking my way to tell them, I found it hard as a cat gets my tongue. I am still going to a Jewish school so that Ramadan will never be an easy mission, because there are many Jewish anniversaries which require eating before the sunset

4 I decide to make a plan; I will pretend the disease through Jewish anniversaries, I have to wake up before the dawn (al-fajr), eat my morning meal (al-sohour) and pray the dawn prayer (al-fajr) daily. Then I will convince my family that I will eat later by the well of Allah. It is a big problem that not too many people could feel it. Many people believe that the concealment era of Islam was disappeared by persuading them selves that concealment era was back in days through Quraish unbelievers. On the other hand Mousas prayers prove the opposite

5 Ooh Allah I need your help in every time of my life, ooh Allah mercy me if I forced to pause my fasting in Ramadan, ooh Allah you are the only one who knows my intention and my compulsory, ooh Allah the almighty I ask you to strengthening my faith and the whole Muslims, Amen.

6 Obstacles & solutions…. The first Ramadan for Mousa was full of obstacles, despite all of these circumstances, nothing deprive him from being the inspiration soul & fulfilling his faith. Mousa said Before I embracing Islam when I was hearing about Muslims who fasting Ramadan for thirty days with non-stop, doing five prayers in each night & day at least, I thought it was an unbelievable thing which no mind can accept it; with my whole respect for their personal opinion. That was without any imaginative picture that I will someday pray for Allah as well as they did. The only thing I was doing is saying my prayers before I go to the bed & also going to the Jewish school. But when I know that the Holy Quran is our Allahs speech & Mohammad peace be upon him is our prophet, I believe that I have to do these two strange things; do prayers & fasting Ramadan.

7 Today is the first day of Ramadan, I wake up before the dawn time (al-fajr) of few minutes; I dont know if that time is enough to have my morning meal (al- sohour) & do the dawn prayer (al-fajr); I was not sure from my ability to accomplish the first fasting day; therefore, I ate a piece of an apple & I have a strong feeling about it because I ate it after the call to prayer of dawn (al-fajr). So I asked Allah to mercy me & give me the strength to fast & I think that I will do this day over after Ramadan. That was my first obstacle in my way of fasting, but it wasnt the last. I cant tolerate my friends questions every single day or even every single minute: when will you eat? Why didnt you drink til now?

8 The first obstacle becomes many obstacles when the Jewish anniversary came which we fast in from the sunset til the next day sunset, so that I compelled to eat with them. With no feel I talked about Ramadan; by a false of course; when my grand father respond: I cant tolerate to hear any news about Ramadan or Mohammad, I answered: It is good to know more about the fact of Islam & Muslims instead of things which the announcements used to tell about them, but my grand father; as elderly used to do; respond my speech with an unbelievable words on Islam, which make my anger increased frequently therefore I left them and went to my room.

9 Mousa still conceal his faith in Ramadan and complete his story facing new troubles every day, he said I do my best to tell them that I am a human being who entitled to have his own independent way of thinking, I told them that I decided not to fast in the next Jewish anniversary, my mum replied Wont you ask god to mercy your bad-mannered and falsehood? I said I can do this at any time during the year, why it is specific in that day only? We continued arguing for five minutes til I went desperately lonely back to my room for a while, with an extremely bitterly pessimistic upon telling my parents that I have converted to Islam.

10 The feeling of such deeply religious started spreading more in the very deepest point of his heart as the time as he said it is an outstanding issue when you completely acquiesce by 100% for your creator, then I prayed Allah to give my Islams brothers & sisters a great month, ooh Allah lead the unbelievers to the truth. Amen he modernization of Mousas era didnt deprive him from delivering each series from his Ramadan memories in such fascinating quotations not too many people could say from those who born and bring up with Muslim parents. It is highly unusual to see this very small guy who closes to this religion communicate with us as Muslims in this way of spiritual way of thinking, he said peace be upon you & Allahs mercy, I ask Allah to give you the mercy that you, & everybody needs in this holy month, & I also Ask Allah; the greatest Allah; to lead unbelievers to the truthful way which is Islam; Amen.

11 The small supplicant for Islam… Mousa says that Ramadan become more highly- good-situation from the first step, he fasting and praying Allah to give him the accurate consistence in a concealment days. Mousa started reading the Holy Quran, he thanked Allah because there was a place can be helpful because teachers used to teach the Holy Quran in it; with a serious intention to join it secretly, he added that he did a second attempt to attract his parents, because it is not easy enough to conceal a secret dominates my whole thinking and feelings as well. What I had done was an attempt to attract my fathers heart to Islam; I let him watch a video clip for al-sheikh Hamzah Yusef Hansen who considers as one of the greatest Muslims supplicant for Islam, after conveying from the orthodox Jewish into Islam; in America & the western world generally; he has a great activity among there and also a huge popularity in the USA. The result was absolutely pleased because it was a first step of agreement; my father loves Hamzah Hansen a lot; thanks Allah.

12 Mousa made an advantage of an opportunity to help his cousin who wanted to make a research about the prophet Mohammad in the school, Mousa said I ask him to lend a hand in his search, & I ask Allah to make my relative find the truth in Islam by this search; he is aware enough and open-minded; I taught him things about Islam, ooh Allah let my family & my friend find the truth in Islam; Amen.

13 The last ten days in Ramadan… Mousa accomplished his memos about the last ten days in Ramadan peace be upon you my Islams brothers & sisters, this month is going on as fast as you cannot believe, I ask Allah to accept our prayers and fasting. We are now near too much from the ending of Ramadan; I am waking up every day at three oclock before the dawn time (al-fajr) to revival the night to pray (al-qeiam), It is a fascinating feeling, I asked Allah today as I did yesterday to let me make friends who are Muslims in my community which includes a few Muslims.

14 The pray was sent by Mousa in the midnight, he didnt wait too much til his pray was achieved. Mousa said: it was the first time I noticed in that Allah the almighty responded my prays; this occurs while I was in the store shop looking for books about our prophet Mohammad peace be upon him to buy yesterday, I saw a Muslim family, two women and three men, I became hesitate about going and talking to them but unfortunately my embarrassment deprive me, I saw them leaving the book store so that I felt of regret. For a while I saw my self want to go again toward them before they get on their car but I stopped because I thought it happened by the way not because Allah accepted my prays.

15 Another thing happened after a few minutes which were stranger, I got in a store while I was praying Allah secretly Ooh Allah sends me in this store a Muslim who can help me in my research about our prophet, I saw after this a man who I thought he was a Muslim but he wasnt. I still had some optimism, but it was 15 or 20 minutes later with no advanced searching thats why I decided to search for my mum in the store to go back home, while I was searching for her, I asked Allah again to lead me to any Muslim, then I could never believe; a prodigy happened; Allah accepted my prays, I found in front of my eyes a beard-man wearing a uniform I have never seen before with two girls wearing the Hijab. With a lot of embarrassment; I went to them and say peace be upon you, but when the young girl looked at me, I felt of shyness again and another chance was lost. I asked Allah to mercy my faults and to send me more; now that he is the merciful Allah.

16 Faith test… My first Ramadan accomplished as fast as I could never believe, & Al-Fitter Eid came. I was looking for a way to absent from school & go to the mosque (al- Masjid) for the first time, with a high-extreme- enthusiasm but I failed. I decided to tell my parent about converting into Islam & being a Muslim as well, so I asked them to go outside to eat our lunch, I did take with me some words about the Islam, because of my amazement I told them about the prophet Mohammad & his life at all, I felt that the time was done to tell them the truth; but again before I told them, I was absolutely frightened, with no ability to say even a word, I failed again and again.

17 I felt that my life is an extremely big lie, none knows the truth except the people who I confirmed their friendship on the internet, I wanted to tell the whole world of being a Muslim. I have been hoping to pray the Friday prayer in the mosque (al-Masjid), or even accepted the invitation to any lecture about Islam in an Islamic school. Maybe that day will come someday when I can pray & fast on aboveboard with no concealment; I wish I could tell my parents the truth instead of the unique frightened I had

18 Fruitages among thorns… With many obstacles & harsh circumstances, Mousa found fruitages among thorns, a bestowal among woes. He said at least I acquired an experience about what should have done in the following Ramadan; I will fix what I corrupted during this year. Even though Ramadan this year was accurately hard and also an utterly difficult exam to test my faith range, thanks for Allah, I felt that I was successfully accomplished it. Mousas last words were I hope that you were subsisted a Ramadan & a happy Eid too, Allah will afford all of us on what we had done, I beg you all to pray for me and for my family as well to lead them to the truth way; because I have big dreams for my family to convert into Islam in the future by the well of Allah. Next years they will decide to fast Ramadan too; God welling

19 Translated by : Hala Al-Masri. \first year\ university of Jordan\ Applied English Text source : Islam story web site… Prepared by :- Translation Campaign Team 2012


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