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Filnamn Conditions for European defence RTD collaboration Mr Stefan Törnqvist FOI – Swedish Defence Research Agency Sweden.

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1 Filnamn Conditions for European defence RTD collaboration Mr Stefan Törnqvist FOI – Swedish Defence Research Agency Sweden

2 International RTD collaboration Filnamn European alphabet soup OCCAR UK GE FR IT SP SE FA/LoI GARTEUR EREA NL WEAG DE TU PL HU CZ NO GR PO LU FI AU EDA IR BE

3 International RTD collaboration Filnamn What is research in terms of defence? Research and technology (R&T) R&T activities embedded in development funding Demonstrators constitute middle ground Does generally not include basic research Armed Forces Tetchnology development Force development Suppliers

4 International RTD collaboration Filnamn Political impact of defence R&T Highly political – Security, defence, industry, regional, research policies Still founded on national capabilities International dimension increasingly important Highly unequal distribution of capabilities in Europe – 97 % of defence R&D among six nations

5 International RTD collaboration Filnamn Strong Customer focus Nations are only customer – Armed forces and/or Government Stability – Longterm plans Rights of use IPR Security of information National resources Whats R&T for? – Providing advice – Developing technology for the supplier base – Creating critical technologies for new capabilities Over the entire acquisition cycle!

6 International RTD collaboration Filnamn Partnership with R&T suppliers Government research institutes – FOI, Dstl, ONERA Other state agencies or laboratories – VTT, TNO, CEA Research foundations – Fraunhofer Partnership with industry Integrated project teams – Long cycles Supplier base no longer strictly national European Defence Industrial and Technological Base (DTIB) European Defence Equipment market (EDEM) Separate from civil industry

7 International RTD collaboration Filnamn R&T Programming Research programming has so far been predominately technology-driven (bottom- up) Stronger top-down programming from customer needs research programming increasingly starts not with scientists, but with men in uniform Techn. Dev. Military Req. Effect

8 International RTD collaboration Filnamn View on technologies Narrower scope of defence specific technologies – Electronic warfare, energetic materials, NBC defence Technology insertion increasingly important – Emerging technologies, some of which may be disruptive, e.g. nanotechnology Analysis suggests limited duplication on narrow technologies Close interaction with test and evaluation activities Aeronautics a special case

9 International RTD collaboration Filnamn Agreement-based collaboration Bilateral agreements – Memoranda of Understanding Multilateral agreements – WEAG instruments primarily EUROPA MOU Aeronautics Agreements are not always identical to organisations!

10 International RTD collaboration Filnamn Multilateralisation of collaboration Collaboration primarily bilateral – E.g. Franco-German collaboration Multilateralisation – WEAG, Letter of Intent, European Defence Agency Acceptance of interdependence and trust Aeronautics already collaborate multilaterally Industry restructuring

11 International RTD collaboration Filnamn WEAG Project activities Since 1991 – Ca 200 R&T projects worth ca. 1 G Currently ca 70 on-going projects (>300 M) Average yearly funding 70 M per country The average project – ca 3 M – Lasts three years – Has 3,5 participating nations

12 International RTD collaboration Filnamn European Defence Agency Agency in support of ESDP in terms of – Capabilities, armaments, R&T and indstrial aspects Agent for R&T strategy, policy, guidance and co- ordination Will not finance its own R&T activities Funding remains with nations Hence, EU is no new customer but sets capability requirements jointly for nations

13 International RTD collaboration Filnamn Defence R&T Strategy (WARRP 04) Enhance European capabilities Maintain technology-driven perspective Identify priority areas for co-operation Enhance co-operation Build partnerships with industry and research providers Create strong base for technology and test activities Improve interaction with other research sectors Deliver defence and security capabilities

14 International RTD collaboration Filnamn WEAG R&T Structure Defence Ministers NAD Staff Group Secretariat Panel III – Procedures and Economic matters Panel I – Equipment Programmes Panel II R&T SGTF SGMOU 9. Satellite surveillance 8. Opto-electronic devices 6. Adv info processing 4. Modular avionics 3. Materials & structures 2. Microelectronics 1. Radar & RF Systems 16. Electrical engineering 15. Missile UAV & Robotics 14. Energetic materials 13. NBC Defence 11. Defence MoS Technology 10. UW Tech & naval hydrodyn CEPAs RTMC

15 International RTD collaboration Filnamn R&T in all acquisition phases Analyses, Technical development, research, demonstrators, studies ExplorationFocusEarly development Materiel development Demonstrators Common concept studies Advanced key technology development

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