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SC08 Routing Infrastructure

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1 SC08 Routing Infrastructure
Thomas Hutton - San Diego Supercomputer Center Brent Sweeny - Indiana University/Global NOC

2 Routing Team SC08 Key Network Engineers from leading R&E Networks and Sites
Linda Winkler (lead, ANL) Eli Dart (ESnet) Pieter de Boer (SARA) Tom Hutton (SDSC/UCSD) Andrew Lee (IU/GRNOC) Craig Leres (LBL) Corby Schmitz (ANL) Brent Sweeny (IU/GRNOC) JP Velders (uVa) Alan Verlo (UIC)

3 SC08 Switching/Routing Objectives
IPV4 and IPV6 in hardware everywhere IPV4 Multicast in hardware everywhere Jumbo frame support on showfloor L3 peering with Internet2, ESnet, NLR, LEARN L2 services from NLR, Internet2, ESnet Commodity Internet Diverse providers (Qwest, LEARN)‏ Deliver during WAN staging (Sep22-26)‏ In-service until noon

4 Goals/Challenges L1/L2 service offerings
Utilizing ACC Switches/Fiber for Conference Routers Staging Design needs to evolve into Show network without disruption Large number of external WAN connections. 18 10Gig 10 NLR provided 8 Internet 2 provided 1 40Gig 2 1GE Commodity Internet 1 Level 3 Networks 1 The University of Texas System

5 Network Architecture SCinet designed like a large metropolitan area
Nationwide WAN connections to two interconnected Redundant CORE Centers Redundantly connected to 5 DNOC’s (distributed city POP’s) Separate conference network to support CORE and conference.

6 Network Architecture


8 Added Fibers for Staging

9 Redundant CORE routing and switching

10 Core-rtr-1 Cisco CRS-1

11 Core-Rtr-2 Juniper T1600 Carrier Class (NSR, ISSU)
T1600 supports 100G per slot capacity Carrier Class (NSR, ISSU) 1Gig, 10Gig, 100Gig Ethernet and Sonet Interfaces Scalability Extensible, Network Virtualization Over 2,000,000 network routes Security Unified Access Control Layer 2-4 Policy Enforcement Control Plane Protection (rate-limiting and ACLs)

12 Core-Switch-1 Force10 E1200 Switch Fabric Capacity
1.68 Tbps Full-Mesh Forwarding Capacity 1 Bpps Backplane Capacity 5 Tbps I/O Line Card Slots 14 Line-rate GbE (Line-rate TeraScale Line Cards) 672 Total GbE (High Density TeraScale Line Cards) 1260 can switch or route (SCinet is pure layer2)

13 Core-Switch-2 Foundry BigIron RX-16
HighSpeed Layer 2 Switching System redundancy (switch, management and power) across all BigIron RX chassis—BigIron RX-4, RX-8, RX-16 and RX-32 Interchangeable half-height line modules reduce sparing costs Advanced virtual output queue (VoQ) design eliminates head of line blocking and provides scalable quality of service High-availability design features redundant and hot-pluggable hardware, hitless Layer 2 software upgrades Advanced non-blocking Clos fabric features adaptive self-routing with graceful system degradation in the event of two or more module failures Embedded sFlow per port supports scalable hardware-based traffic monitoring across all switch ports without impacting performance

14 Distributed DNOCs

15 Addresses Gbps Capacity
DNOC-RTR-346 Juniper MX960 MX960 Designed for next-gen services at Ethernet edge Very High Density Ethernet platforms Function as L2 switches and L3 routers PE for L3VPN, L2VPN, VPLS, internet Scalable, reliable Fully redundant design Distributed packet forwarding Full set of JUNOS Routing Robust IPv4/IPv6 routing Rich MPLS L2 & L3 VPN services Multicast functionality Units per ′ rack 3 Addresses Gbps Capacity 960 G 10 GE / GE ports 48 / 480

16 DNOC-RTR-382&2046 Cisco 6509 best case can hold 1,000,000 ipv4 routes (or 500,000 ipv6 routes) * 720 Gbps switch fabric capacity, up to 400Mpps switching capacity * ethernet, SONET, serial interfaces 10Mbs-10Gps * 40Gbs/slot capacity * can function as a pure layer2 device or a router (or mixed)

17 DNOC-Rtr-2229 & 1322 Foundry XMR 16000
16-slot high-end IPv4/IPv6/MPLS multi-service routers Terabit-scale architecture offering up to 3.2 Tbps data capacity and approximately 2 billion pps per system Up to GbE/640 1-GbE/64 OC-192/256 OC-48 ports per system Scalable routing via OSPF,IS-IS,BGP,OSPFv3, RIPng,PIM-DM/SM Up to 1 million IPv4 routes in hardware to support future growth Carrier class IPv4,IPv6,and MPLS routing featuring Foundry Direct Routing (FDR) technology High-capacity MPLS Layer 3/Layer 2 VPNs and IP over MPLS routing Enables virtual routing in non-MPLS environments via Multi-VRF Highly resilient architecture offering redundant management modules, switch fabrics, power supplies, cooling, and hitless failover Flexible SONET/SDH support via either native POS interfaces or 10-GbEWAN PHY

18 Internet2

19 SC08 Connections to NLR

20 NLR Connections

21 NLR Packetnet


23 Optiputer

24 Actual Topologies used by SC08 Exhibitors for demos

25 Caltech Demo

26 Canarie

27 DCN Demos

28 OpenCloud Testbed

29 Questions

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