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CANARIE CA*net 4 Update CA*net 4 Design and OBGP documentation

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1 CANARIE CA*net 4 Update CA*net 4 Design and OBGP documentation Tel: +1.613.785.0426

2 CA*net 4 Update CA*net 3 terminates July 31, 2002 CA*net 4 RFI issued August 2001 CA*net 4 funding announced Dec 2001 - $110m One time grant for 5 years Selection of carrier(s) to be announced shortly Initial OC192 network on all path with plans to upgrade over the next couple of years Selection of equipment supplier(s) to be announced shortly But dramatic reduction in number and size of routers CA*net 4 scheduled to be turned up July 1 st, 2002

3 Possible CA*net 4 Topology January 1, 2002 Halifax Edmonton Seattle Vancouver Winnipeg Quebec City Montreal Ottawa Chicago Halifax New York Regina Fredericton Charlottetown Victoria Windsor London Sudbury Thunder Bay Saskatoon Kamloops Buffalo Spokane Minneapolis Albany St. John's Calgary Toronto Prince George Hamilton Kingston CA*net 4 Node Mini-IX Possible Future Breakout Possible Future link or Option CA*net 4 OC192

4 The CA*net 4 Objective-1 Canadas National Innovation Infrastructure Primary mission of CA*net 4 will be to support basic research and education amongst higher ed institutions, research centers,schools, etc CA*net will be foundation of innovation infrastructure by interconnecting regional networks, universities, schools, to promote an innovation culture through advanced applications such as tele- learning, eScience, grids, etc Examples: National Bio-informatics grid linking bio-informatics research institutes across the country Cosmic Ray eScience grid interconnecting UoAlberta and schools across the country

5 The CA*net 4 Objective –2 There is a growing trend for many schools, universities and businesses to control and manage their own dark fiber Can we extend this concept so that they can also own and manage their own wavelengths? Customer empowered optical networks are built on the paradigm that customer owns and controls the wavelengths (Virtual Dark Fiber) Customer controls the setup, tear down and routing of the wavelength between itself and other customers Wavelength resource management is done on on peer to peer basis rather than by central administrative organization Network is now an asset, rather than a service Will empowering customers to control and manage their own networks result in new applications and services similar to how the PC empowered users to develop new computing applications?

6 The CA*net 4 Objective-3 Customer Empowered Networking To partner with industry in development of new protocols and technologies required so that customers at the edge of the network own and control their own wavelengths Extension of the classic end-2-end Internet principle which has been shown to significantly enhance innovation CANARIE optical cross connect switches are like mini IXs CANARIE will physically maintain optical cross connect switches but customer who owns wavelength controls the associated cross connect remotely Customer can re-route or re-terminate wavelength any time they so chose Object Oriented Networking – OON Light paths and cross connects are an object with attributes and method including inheritance, polymorphism, classes, etc

7 Wavelength Assignment AS 1 AS 2 AS 5 AS 6 2 3 4 5 6 1 7 8 9 10 12 13 14 15 Regional Network University STAR TAP router Carrier A Carrier B CA*net 4 switch

8 Wavelength Logical Mapping AS 5 AS 6 3 5 10 12 13 14 Regional Network University STAR TAP AS 1 AS 2 2 4 6 7 8 9 15 Regional Network AS 2- AS 5 Peer AS 1- AS 6 Peer Carrier A Carrier B CA*net 4 switch

9 Mini-IXs are the core of CA*net 4 Ideal for large data flows used in Grid applications Networks of mini-IXs can be linked together for specific application communities and allow direct peering between institutions and researchers E.g. High energy physics network of mini-IXs Regional networks and universities can connect to mini-IXs to off load P2P traffic Or network of mini-IXs for residences and student dormitories to off load P2P traffic The beauty of mini-IX is that architecture is recursive like other successful Internet protocols e.g. HTTP, DNS, etc Most optical protocols are reiterative and subject to scaling issues e.g. GMPLS

10 CANARIE-GigaPOP collocated BC, Seattle, New York, Nova Scotia, Quebec Local Loop or In building Fiber Carrier responsible Carrier ADM STS OC-192 to GbE/STS Groomer/converter GigaPOP GigaPOP Router GbE or STS channel assigned to GigaPOP Optional CA*net 4 Router GbE In building Fiber CA*net 4 Node All sub-tended interfaces are GbE framed with effective bandwidth set by STS channel size OC-192 carrier OC-192 Mini-IX

11 Object Oriented Networking Combines concepts of Active Networks, Internet 2 e2e principles and Grids Customer owns sets of wavelengths and cross connects on an optical switch Similar in concept to nested VPNs with customer control of Add/Drop Network elements or nested VPNs can be treated as a set of objects in software applications or grids Complete with inheritances and classes, etc In future researchers will purchase networks just like super computers, telescopes or other big science equipment Networks will be an asset – not a service Will be able to trade swap and sell wavelengths and optical cross connects on commodity markets

12 Mini-IX with OON

13 Initial Version of Mini-IX External Proxy Server CA*net 4 Proxy Server Standard CLI or TL1 interface Customer A and sub- partition Customer B Customer C OC192 Eastbound OC192 Westbound X X X OSPF OBGP Customer A signaling plane Subtended GbE to local GigaPOP Customer B signaling plane Grooming agents Switch Agents Customer C signaling plane Signal Control Plane Agents X X Customer A Proxy Server

14 Possible IP layer VancouverCalgaryReginaWinnipegTorontoOttawaMontrealFredericton Charlottetown HalifaxNfld STS Channel reserved for CA*net 4 IP service Backhaul STS channel to connect GigaPOP to CA*net 4 router. Note: Final configuration subject to change Seattle Chicago New York Edmonton Saskatoon Thunder Bay STAR TAP router Abilene Router Rimouski Abilene Router AARnet router Geant Router

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