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My Pyramid The new food guide pyramid symbolizes a personalized approach to healthy eating and physical activity. - United States Department.

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2 My Pyramid The new food guide pyramid symbolizes a personalized approach to healthy eating and physical activity. - United States Department of Agriculture - News & Media: MyPyramid Animation

3 Activity Represented by the steps and the person climbing them, a reminder of the importance of physical activity each day

4 Moderation Represented by the narrowing of each food group from bottom to top. Wider is food with less fat and sugar. The more active you are, the more foods with fat and sugar you can have. Wider at the bottom

5 Personalization Shown by the person on the steps, the slogan. Go to to find your personal pyramid

6 Proportionality Shown by the different widths of the food group bands.

7 Variety Symbolized by the 6 color bands. Each group is needed each day for good health

8 Gradual Improvement Encouraged by the slogan…Steps To a Healthier You. Take small steps to improve your diet and lifestyle each day.

9 The range of calories for the pyramid is 1,000- 3000 The food guide pyramid is grouped according to Nutrients

10 Nutrient Function(s) Energy Producing (has calories) 1. Carbohydrates 2. Protein 3. Fat 1. Provides energy 2. Build and repair body tissue 3. Insulate, protect internal organs, reserve energy supply

11 Non Energy Producing 4. Vitamins- Assist in the biochemical reactions related to the metabolic process 5. Minerals- Skeletal structure 6. Water- Hydration, most essential to life 7. Fiber- Digestion of food

12 Grains Servings Daily: 3-10 ounces Color: Orange Major nutrient provided: Carbohydrate,Fiber Serving: 10z bread, 1 cup cereal, ½ cup rice or pasta Recommendations: eat at least 3 oz of whole grains each day

13 Vegetables Servings Daily:1-4 Cups Color: Green Major nutrients provided:Vitamins, Fiber Serving: Variety of colors and types, dark green, orange, starchy Recommendations: Eat more dark green and orange vegetables, eat more dry beans and peas

14 Fruits Servings Daily: 1-2.5 cups Color: Red Major nutrients provided:Vitamins, Fiber Serving:1 medium/small piece of fruit=1 cup Recommendations: eat a variety of fruit. Choose fresh, frozen canned or dried. Go easy on fruit juices.

15 Milk Servings Daily: 2-3 cups Color: Blue Major nutrients:Minerals, Protein Serving:1 ½ oz cheese=1 cup milk/yogurt Recommendations:go low-fat or fat- free. If you don’t or can’t consume milk choose other calcium sources.

16 Meat and Beans Servings Daily: 2-7 ounces Color: Purple Major nutrient: Protein Serving: 1 oz meat=1 egg=1 T peanut butter=1/4 cup cooked dry beans=1/2 oz nuts or seeds Recommendations: choose low-fat or lean meats. Bake, broil or grill. Vary protein, choose fish, beans, nuts and seeds.

17 Oils Servings Daily: 3-11 tsp. Color: Yellow Major Nutrient: Fat Serving: May be added to food or found in food such as nuts, olives, avocados, mayonnaise, salad dressings etc… Recommendations: use canola, olive, peanut, soybean, corn, safflower or sunflower oil.

18 What is the difference between fat and oil? FAT: solid at room temperature.

19 What are the recommendations for fat and oil? Limit solid fat and trans fat

20 What are the recommendations for sugar? Choose food and beverages low in added sugar. It contributes calories with few nutrients

21 What is the Discretionary Calorie Allowance? After eating the requirements from the pyramid they are the remaining calories to be used on fat and sugar, usually around 265 a day. McDonald's USA - McDonald's Nutrition Facts Wendy's Dairy Queen Baskin-Robbins Nutrition Facts and Allergen Information Carl's Jr. Jack In The Box - Our Food

22 What are the recommendations for physical activity? 30 minutes a day 60-90 minutes a day for weight loss

23 The current guidelines are 1-Get adequate nutrients within the calorie needs. Carbohydrates: 55-60% Fat: no more than 30% Protein: 10-15%

24 The average American eats too much Fat Sugar Calories Sodium

25 The average American doesn’t eat enough Fiber Whole grains

26 2-Manage weight, balance food intake with exercise output 3-Be physically active each day 4-Choose a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fat free or low fat milk products 5-Monitor your intake of fats

27 What is invisible fat? Hides in foods naturally Some examples, Avocados, milk, olives

28 6-Choose carbohydrates wisely. Choose fruits, vegetables and whole grains, limit sugar. 7-Watch your intake of sodium

29 What can too much salt/sodium do to your body? Where does it hide? Can cause high blood pressure and heart disease. In prepared foods (frozen, canned, etc.)

30 8-If you drink alcohol do so in moderation 9-Keep food safe to eat

31 In conclusion… The food guide pyramid acts as a guide to everyday nutrition and activity. Eat a variety of foods from all of the food groups and exercise daily.

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