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Globalization Media Flows & Media Ownership. Media Flows §Print formalizes language §Foreign news ‘viewpoint’ penetrates §Mass media represents culture.

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1 Globalization Media Flows & Media Ownership

2 Media Flows §Print formalizes language §Foreign news ‘viewpoint’ penetrates §Mass media represents culture §These flows are old

3 Media Imperialism §North to South -- West to East §Dominate economically l business revenues l economic model §Dominant representations l disaster and upheaval -- East/South l high standard of living -- West/North

4 Cultural Imperialism §Dominant flow of content, images, “way of life” §Coca-Colonization §Conflict with local, national cultures §“Jihad vs. McWorld” l Resistance to global culture leads to increased conflict

5 Media Flows §Increased national production §Cultural proximity §Regional markets §Increased exports §International form l 3rd cultures l ‘glocalism’

6 Media Ownership §PTT model §Liberalization l TV, movies, content l telecommunications, ownership l satellites §Support for indigenous media continues

7 Media Ownership §Oligopoly l small group of owners dominate industry l collusion in setting prices l “invisible” barriers to entry

8 Media Ownership §Difficulties in regulating business in global context §Cooperation in one realm may lead to conflict of interest in another §Is there room for outsiders? §Can you leave the ‘family?’

9 Global Information Access USE TIME

10 Global Factors §Ethnicity §Media Flows §Media Ownership §Finance §Technology

11 Globalization Quiz

12 Demographics §What is the most populous country in the world? l India l Indonesia l China l Guam

13 Demographics §Which era saw the greatest movement of peoples from one country to another? l Biblical era l Medieval era l WWII era l current era

14 Demographics §What percentage of all Web pages are in English? l 50% l 80% l 95% §What percentage of people worldwide speak at least some English?

15 Media Content §What is the most popular TV show in Vietnam? l Barney Miller l Ren & Stimpy l Baywatch l Karadesh (Indian soap opera)

16 Content §What are the most popular imported TV shows in Russia? l European soccer matches l Mexican soap operas l American sitcoms l Indian variety shows

17 Content §Which country (probably) has the largest TV audience? l US l China l India l Indonesia §Which region of the world will be the last to receive “culturally customized” MTV?

18 Finance §How long would it take for a person with an average income to earn enough to buy an computer? l in the US l in Bangladesh

19 Finance §What percentage of computer users come from upper income groups in the US? 10% 30% 70% 90% l in Latin America

20 Finance §The UN estimates a small “bit tax” on emails would cost someone sending 100 very long emails about 1 cent. How much money worldwide could have been raised last year with such a tax? l $500 million l $50 billion l $200 billion l $1 trillion §What percentage of all development funds would that be?

21 Technology §Which country is generally considered to have the most complete, extensive telecommunications infrastructure? l Russia l United States l Japan l Sweden §Which country has the least capable system?

22 Technology §Which country has the highest per capita Internet use? l United States l Singapore l Iceland l New Zealand

23 Technology §Internet Use l Iceland = 38% l Sweden = 30% l Finland = 27% l United States = 26% l Singapore = 20% l South Asia Region = 0.04% l World = 2.4%

24 Technology §Which has the most computers? l the United States l Japan l The European Union l all of the world except the United States

25 Technology §True or False? There are more people with access to the Internet in Canada than there are people with access to radio in Azerbaijan?

26 Media Ownership §Which is the largest media company in the world? l ATT/TCI l Time Warner l Disney l Bertlesmann

27 Media Ownership §Of the top six record companies in the world, how many are U.S. based? l1l1 l2l2 l3l3 l5l5

28 Global Music §SonyJapan$3.5 billion §Phillips/Polygram Netherlands$3.3 billion §Time WarnerUS$3.2 billion §Bertelsmann/RCAGermany$2.5 billion §Thorn EMIUK$2.2 billion §Seagram/MCACanada$~1 billion (purchased from Matshusita)

29 New Trends in Information Flow §What region owes its resurgent economy to data processing? §What country is asserting dominance in software exports?

30 New Trends in Information Flow Key Innovators §Costa Rica – national education network §Estonia – public Internet access §Egypt – telecentre & training §India – solar powered computers §Bolivia – radio/Internet relays

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