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Meeting Ten: Leadership: Roles and Responsibilities.

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2 Meeting Ten: Leadership: Roles and Responsibilities

3 Integration Purposes and Possibilities nLearning outcomes drive the selection of technology. nTechnology provides added value to teaching and learning. nTechnology assists in the assessment of learning outcomes. –NETS for students –Worldwide study of innovative pedagogical practices using technology –US study in 11 exemplary K12 schools –Examples of added value uses for teaching, learning, and assessment

4 Implementation Models and Impact nReady access to supported, managed technology nPD is targeted at successful tech integration nProfessional community enhances technology integration and implementation. –NETS-T –Technology support components and related impact –Professional development standards and resources –Professional community sources and benefits

5 Leadership Roles and Responsibilities nCreating a context where the ETIPS hold true –Organizational components (structure, policy, resources) –NETS-A –Principal –Technology Coordinator –Teacher Leader





10 Trends in Leadership Studies 1.Formal leaders and their traits 2.Then examination of their behaviors 3.Recognition of others, and the organization 4.And the influence of the context 5.Positional leaders cognitions 6.Focus on organization and its influence on cognition, but at expense of human agency 7.Distributed leadership:concerned with interaction of leaders thinking, behavior, situation

11 Distributed Leadership nJames Spillane, editor of Volume 25, Number 4 of Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, a special issue on educational leadership nEducational Leadership Research –Leadership for teaching and learning (content area) –Distributed leadership –Educational leadership in and across the educational system

12 Distributions of Leadership nCollaborated –Reciprocal practice nCollective –Independent, yet interdependent, practice nCoordinated –Sequential

13 Roles and responsibilities n What are the relative technology roles and responsibilities of –Principals –Technology coordinators –Teacher Leaders nBased upon what these leaders do collectively, what is technology leadership?

14 Real Schools nA grammar of schooling –Deeply help idea of schools and classrooms held by educators, parents, and students –The proper way it should be carried out nSecond order change would alter some elements and therefore challenge how it supposed to be

15 First and Second Order Change nFirst Order Change –A more minor change to what is already being done. –It is easily reversible nSecond Order Change –something significantly or fundamentally different from what was done before. –The process is irreversible: once you begin, it is impossible to return to the way you were doing before.

16 Cargo Cults nSouth Pacific: A large ship (or airplane) would deliver the cargo if they properly and ritualistically appeased the gods. –Wooden radios with vines as cords –Hack airstrips out of the jungle –Carry bamboo guns and practice drills, etc. nA tragic relationship between the end and the means.

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