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Chapter 18 PowerPoint Chapter Review Questions Mrs. Miller 6A light.

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1 Chapter 18 PowerPoint Chapter Review Questions Mrs. Miller 6A light

2 What do you “think” when you hear the word opaque?

3 ???Answer??? NO WAY!

4 What do “think” when you hear the word translucent?

5 ???Answer??? SOME!

6 What do “think” when you hear the word transparent?

7 ???Answer??? ALL!

8 Name three Kinds of mirrors.

9 ???Answer??? plane convex concave

10 What carries the signals generated by the rods and cones *TO* your brain?

11 ???Answer??? your optic nerve

12 Describe the light that a laser produces in ONE word.

13 ???Answer??? coherent

14 What is the reason that a laser beam can travel through a curled-up optical fiber?

15 ???Answer??? because of total internal reflection

16 What color would a red tomato appear under a blue light?

17 ???Answer??? The tomato would appear black!

18 Name 3 things that can occur when light strikes an object.

19 ???Answer??? The light can be: reflected absorbed transmitted

20 Clear glass, water, and air are examples of what kind of material?

21 ???Answer??? transparent

22 What happens when light passes from air into water?

23 ???Answer??? The light Slows down

24 What happens when white light strikes a black object?

25 ???Answer??? no light is reflected

26 What is the hole through which light enters the eye?

27 ???Answer??? The pupil

28 What happens when parallel rays of light hit a smooth surface?

29 ???Answer??? regular reflection

30 What are the primary colors of LIGHT?

31 ???Answer??? Red Green Blue

32 Are frosted glass and wax paper: transparent translucent or opaque?

33 ???Answer??? translucent

34 Describe what is happening if a person is nearsighted.

35 ???Answer??? they don’t see well far away their eyeballs are a little too long Nearsightedness

36 What do we call long, thin strands of glass or plastic that carry light for long distances without allowing the light to fade.

37 ???Answer??? Optical fibers

38 What do we call the transparent front surface of the eye?

39 ???Answer??? cornea

40 What do we call an image of a distant object caused by refraction of light?

41 ???Answer??? mirage

42 What device uses lenses to focus light rays and record an image of an object on photographic film?

43 ???Answer??? camera

44 Where are the rods and cones located?

45 ???Answer??? On the retina

46 What occurs when parallel rays of light hit a rough or bumpy surface?

47 ???Answer??? diffuse reflection

48 What are substances called that are used to color other materials?

49 ???Answer??? pigments

50 What instrument is used in holography?

51 ???Answer??? A laser

52 What do any two primary colors of light combined in equal amounts produce?

53 ???Answer??? A secondary color

54 Name a difference between the refracting telescope and the reflecting telescope.

55 ???Answer??? Refracting telescope - uses lenses Reflecting telescope - uses mirrors

56 This is located where the optic nerve begins, and it is part of the retina. What is it?

57 ???Answer??? the blind spot

58 What is an instrument called that uses a combination of lenses to produce enlarged images of tiny objects?

59 ???Answer??? A microscope

60 What is it called when the surface of a mirror curves inward, like the inside of a bowl?

61 ???Answer??? concave mirror

62 What instruments uses lenses or mirrors to collect and focus light from distant objects?

63 ???Answer??? telescopes

64 Because the light rays never meet, a concave lens can produce what kind of image?

65 ???Answer??? only a virtual image

66 What are the light-sensitive cells of the eye?

67 ???Answer??? Rods and cones

68 What kind of lenses or mirrors can usually be used to correct farsightedness?

69 ???Answer??? convex lenses

70 A photographic slide is an example of what?

71 ???Answer??? Color filter

72 What do we call the bending of light rays as they enter a new medium?

73 ???Answer??? refraction

74 What do we call a curved piece of glass or other transparent material that is used to refract light?

75 ???Answer??? lens

76 Why are lasers useful in surgery?

77 ???Answer??? laser incisions usually heal faster than scalpel cuts

78 What shape is a lens that is thinner in the center than at the edges?

79 ???Answer??? concave

80 What do we call the colored ring of muscle that controls the size of the pupil?

81 ???Answer??? iris

82 What do we call the bending of light rays as they enter a new medium?

83 ???Answer??? refraction

84 What helps the lens relax or contract when focusing on objects nearby or far away?

85 ???Answer??? Ciliary muscles

86 _________________ is formed where light rays meet at a point.

87 ???Answer??? A real image

88 A mirage is caused by ____________ as light passes through layers of air at different ________________.

89 ???Answer??? refraction temperatures

90 What is the colored ring of muscle around the pupil?

91 ???Answer??? iris

92 A ________ lens is thicker in the center than at its edges.

93 ???Answer??? convex

94 To focus light, muscles in the eye change the length and thickness of the ____________.

95 ???Answer??? lens

96 Nearby objects appear blurry to a person who is _____________.

97 ???Answer??? farsightedness

98 What part of a your eye helps you see in dim light?

99 ???Answer??? The rods

100 What part of a telescope or microscope magnifies the image?

101 ???Answer??? The eyepiece

102 What do we call light waves that are in step, or have crests aligned with crests?

103 ???Answer??? coherent

104 When the three primary colors of PIGMENTS are mixed, what is the resulting color?

105 ???Answer??? black

106 When you focus on a distant object, what does the lens in your eye do?

107 ???Answer??? The lens becomes longer and thinner

108 What part of the eye functions only in bright light and responds to color?

109 ???Answer??? The cones

110 What do we call the point at which light rays meet?

111 ???Answer??? The focal point

112 What is a hologram?

113 ???Answer??? a three-dimensional photograph

114 How are signals sent through optical fibers?

115 ???Answer??? The lasers convert electrical signals into pulses of light.

116 As parallel rays of light pass through a(n)_________ lens, they are bent toward the center of the lens.

117 ???Answer??? convex

118 Because of refraction, what do glass prisms separate white light into?

119 ???Answer??? a visible spectrum of colors

120 What does a Material’s Index of Refraction measure?

121 ???Answer??? It measures how much a ray of light BENDS when it enters that material.

122 ________________ occurs when parallel rays of light hit a bumpy, or uneven, surface.

123 ???Answer??? Diffuse reflection

124 What science chapters will we cover the last Nine Weeks?

125 ???Answer??? Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 13 Chapter 14

126 It is A LOT of ink but these slides CAN be printed as flashcards! ??DID YOU KNOW??

127 What is a color filter?

128 ???Answer??? It is a transparent material that allows certain colors of light to pass through it and reflects or absorbs other colors.

129 What is the name of the layer of cells lining the inside of the eyeball?

130 ???Answer??? retina

131 Why is the white back and tail of a skunk appear white and the legs look black?

132 ???Answer??? White – reflects all colors of light Black – absorbs all colors of light

133 Explain why a pencil in a glass of water appears bent looking at it from the side!

134 ???Answer??? Because the rays that pass through the lens are bent away from the center of the lens and spread out!

135 What is the Web address of your science text Online?

136 ???Answer? ??

137 Are you also studying from your comparison *chart* of plane-concave-convex that you made in class?

138 ???Answer??? Yes! It is VERY HELPFUL!

139 What do you get if you overlap all the primary colors of light? What do you get if you overlap all the primary colors of pigment?

140 ???Answer??? White Black

141 So, how does a television show the color black?

142 ???Answer??? The TV switches off all the colored lights in the area of the screen that appears black!

143 What colors are used in the four-color printing process?

144 ???Answer??? Cyan Yellow Magenta Black

145 Another Web site linked to your textbook is

146 ???Answer??? I like their HOT LINKS And INTERNET ACTIVITIES

147 The End

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