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WP 5 Logistics and Infrastructure B2010 - Umeå 20.11.2003.

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1 WP 5 Logistics and Infrastructure B2010 - Umeå 20.11.2003

2 WP 5 – Main goals Vision: Reinforced cross-border transport and communication systems Strategic focus: To develop communication systems and set focus on missing links in the transport infrastructure systems (Physical as well as Digital). Planned results: Improved solutions for communications in the Barents region and identification of missing links and malfunctions in the transport infrastructure system (Physical as well as Digital).

3 WP 5 – cooperation with STBR Sustainable Transport in the Barents Region Linking the management group work between the two projects to avoid overlapping and to guarantee efficient exchange of information between the projects STBR Management group meeting 2.12.2003, possible place to discuss about work division in between two projects B2010 FOCUSES ON PRACTICAL WORK RELATED TO LOGISTICAL NEEDS OF COMPANIES

4 WP 5 – milestone 1 Survey of facts about the infrastructure and communication system in the Barents region (STBR) Identification of transport and communication needs for industry and citizens (STBR) –meeting with STBR 2.12.2003 to talk about work division, informing rest of the project about the results of the meeting (Oulu) –listing regionally the logistical needs and central companies and other key players (Oulu to act as a reminder); goods – people – IT-systems; checking it with other WPs SWOT-analysis based on the present situation –WP meeting february 2004 – finetuning the budgetary issues

5 SWOT-analysis continues… Covering the holes of fact survey with external expertise Meetings with other WPs during spring 2004 –forestry and mining –fisheries Large network meeting – beginning of June 2004 WP 5 – milestone 2

6 Based on the findings of logistical needs starting to discuss about possible common logistical strategy – input to STBR What must be done to develop logistics in Barents region Meeting according to the time schedule of the whole project schedule, autumn 2004 WP 5 – milestone 3

7 to be decided and clarified during the project, based on the findings from 3 first milestones WP 5 – milestones 4 and 5

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