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Word Families Unit __eat

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1 Word Families Unit __eat
This Powerpoint presentation was developed to introduce, teach, and review reading vocabulary words to my third-grade students. It was presented to the class using the LCD projector. Students are shown the visual phonics symbols, definitions, and pictures. Given these clues, they try to guess the word and its spelling. Each student can independently review at the computer until the words are mastered. Students will also be given handouts of the presentation to review and study at home for the weekly test. Objectives: Student will pronounce the word by using visual phonics symbols and teacher modeling Student will learn the definition and sign for each word Student will learn the spelling of the word

2 Word Families _eat

3 beat to hit again and again to win

4 neat Clean and tidy not messy

5 seat A thing that you sit on, like a chair

6 heat to make something warm or hot warmth, being hot

7 wheat a grass that is used to make flour
The flour is used to make breads and cereals.

8 eat to chew and swallow food

9 treat special food (like candy) or entertainment (like a movie)

10 cheat to be dishonest or unfair

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