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Clara Optical Networking Testbeds in LA&C CCIRN2004 Cairns, Australia July 2004 Michael Stanton CLARA Technical Committee Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa.

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1 Clara Optical Networking Testbeds in LA&C CCIRN2004 Cairns, Australia July 2004 Michael Stanton CLARA Technical Committee Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa – RNP, Brazil

2 Clara Michael Stanton - CCIRN Current experimental optical networking projects in Latin America Apart from the production networks run for the academic communities in Latin America, there are a small number of large scale networking testbed projects which in operation in the region. These include: Chile: –G-REUNA - Optical Networking and Advanced Applications Testbed Brazil: –GIGA Project - Optical Networking and Advanced Applications Testbed Both of these are a mixture of EIN (Experimental Infrastructure Network) and NRT (Networking Research Testbed)

3 Clara Michael Stanton - CCIRN Iquique Antofagasta Copiapó La Serena Valparaíso Santiago Talca Con cepción Temu co Valdivia Arica Osorno Chile - REUNA ( -ATM backbone -10 nodes -10/60 Mbps -45 Mbps to AmPath

4 Clara Michael Stanton - CCIRN G-REUNA: Optical Network design and layout (adapted from material provided by Walter Grote of UTFSM) Backbone link between Santiago and Valparaíso (200 Km) 1 node in Valparaíso, 3 in Santiago Dark fibre provided by 3 telco providers: –AT&T, Chilesat, ManquehueNet network deployed in 2003 Fase I of the migration of REUNA to an optical production network Website: 200 Km

5 Clara Michael Stanton - CCIRN G-REUNA (Chile): R&D activities Optical networking –Equipping laboratories in UTFSM and USACH with the necessary equipment to perform applied research Applications development 1.Real time resource sharing by distributing images of the applications that are running on different machines using multicast UDP. 2.IPv6 Networking: running these and other applications on similar networks implemented with IPv4 and IPv6. 3.QoS for voice traffic in IPv4. 4.i-education applications: real time control experiments over the network 5.Transference to industry sector Training courses for the Industry Sector Recommendation Publications on Project Web Page Collaboration with similar projects

6 Clara Michael Stanton - CCIRN GIGA Project (Brazil) Partnership between RNP and CPqD (former telco monopolys R&D centre in Campinas, SP) and Explore user control of optical fibre infrastructure –interconnect 17 academic R&D centres along the corridor Campinas - Rio de Janeiro (~600 km) –use of IP/DWDM with Ethernet framing over dark fibre Support R&D subprojects in optical and IP networking technology and advanced applications and services Industry participation (telcos lend the fibres; technology transfer of products and services required) Government funding for 3 years - started December 2002

7 Clara Michael Stanton - CCIRN Experimental GIGA network (R&D only): states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro telcos UNIFESP USP - Incor USP - C.Univ. CPqD LNLS Unicamp LNCC CPTEC UFF CTA INPE CBPF LNCC Fiocruz IME IMPA-RNP PUC-Rio telcos UERJ UFRJ Universities IME PUC-Rio UERJ UFF UFRJ Unicamp UNIFESP USP R&D Centres CBPF - physics CPqD- telecom CPTEC- meteorology CTA - aerospace Fiocruz- health IMPA - mathematics INPE - space sciences LNCC - HPC LNLS - physics About 700 km extension - not to scale

8 Clara Michael Stanton - CCIRN GIGA Project: initial network design long-distance DWDM network between Campinas and Rio de Janeiro –up to 6 lambdas (lightpaths) per link CWDM metro networks (MANs) in Rio, S. Paulo and Campinas equipment: –WDM: from Padtec (Brazil) –IP/N-GbE: from Extreme Networks network operational in May 2004 Campinas São Paulo S.J. dos Campos C. Paulista Rio de Janeiro Campinas São PauloS. José dos Campos Rio de Janeiro Cachoeira Paulista MAN CP MAN SP MAN RJ Petrópolis Niterói

9 Clara Michael Stanton - CCIRN GIGA Project: R&D activities 2/3 of the GIGA project budget is for R&D activities in the following areas: –Optical networking (CPqD) –Network protocols and services (RNP) –Experimental telecommunications services (CPqD) –Scientific Services and Applications (RNP) Most of the R&D activities are contracted out to research groups in the university community (at 45 different institutions in Brazil) –Incentives for technology transfer to industry –The network may also be used for the development and/or demonstration of high capacity networking applications by scientific researchers in various areas (HEP, computational biology, earth sciences, etc).

10 Clara Michael Stanton - CCIRN Present RNP production network

11 Clara Michael Stanton - CCIRN Future RNP production network By 2005, RNP expects to move to a new facilities-based backbone network of at least 1 Gbps capacity, based on GIGA project experience: –long-distance links based on acquiring capacity, in the form of lambdas (lightpaths) or dark fibre –local access in metropolitan areas based on the use of dark fibre and cheap Gigabit Ethernet switches cooperation between local institutions is vital for the setting up of these metro networks R&E institutions will need to upgrade their internal campus networks to Gigabit Ethernet

12 Clara Michael Stanton - CCIRN Future Expansion of the Experimental Network The current experimental network is confined to the SE region of Brazil, but involves nationwide participation Since January, the ministers of Communications and Science & Technology are from the NE region of Brazil They have recently come out strongly in favour of extending the experimental network to other parts of Brazil, beginning in the NE –Equipment and R&D funding from the federal government –Dark fibre needed

13 Clara Michael Stanton - CCIRN Dark fibre: sharing infrastructure RNP would like to create synergy between this extension of the experimental network and technology transfer to production network –Telcos will lend but not rent dark fibre to RNP Problem of strings attached to dark fibre lent by telcos –Possible alternatives from state-owned energy utilities Ongoing contacts with electrical and oil utilities

14 Clara Michael Stanton - CCIRN Maceió João Pessoa

15 Clara Michael Stanton - CCIRN Conclusion Optical infrastructure makes possible and desirable new ways of building advanced networks In LA&C, optical networking has begun first in Chile and Brazil with experimental (testbed) networks, with developments both in networking technologies and advanced applications In both countries there is a definite intention to migrate optical networking experience to the production network in the short term User demand for high-capacity connectivity services in several countries in LA&C Requirement to link LA&C optical networking to global initiatives

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