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CCIRN Meeting: Optical Networking Topic North America report Heather Boyles, Internet2

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1 CCIRN Meeting: Optical Networking Topic North America report Heather Boyles, Internet2

2 Multitude of networks in North America with optical capabilities National-scale – CA*Net – ESnet – NREN – NLR – Internet2 State/provincial/regional-scale – In US and Canada Exchange Points

3 Linking Canada to Europe New 72 channel x 40 Gbps ROADM Networks Boston San Diego Amsterdam

4 4 DC ESnet 4 Backbone Target September 15, 2008 Houston 10 Gb/s SDN core (NLR) 10/2.5 Gb/s IP core (QWEST) 10 Gb/s IP core (Level3) 10 Gb/s SDN core (Level3) MAN rings ( 10 G/s) Lab supplied links Clev. Houston Kansas City Boston Sunnyvale Seattle San Diego Albuquerque El Paso Chicago New York City Washington DC Atlanta Denver Los Angeles Nashville Future ESnet Hub ESnet Hub

5 5 ESnet4 Core networks 50-60 Gbps by 2009-2010 (10Gb/s circuits), 500-600 Gbps by 2011-2012 (100 Gb/s circuits) Cleveland Europe (GEANT) Asia-Pacific New York Chicago Washington DC Atlanta CERN (30+ Gbps) Seattle Albuquerque Australia San Diego LA Denver South America (AMPATH) South America (AMPATH) Canada (CANARIE) CERN (30+ Gbps) Canada (CANARIE) Asia- Pacific Asia Pacific GLORIAD (Russia and China) Boise Houston Jacksonville Tulsa Boston Science Data Network Core IP Core Kansas City Australia Core network fiber path is ~ 14,000 miles / 24,000 km 1625 miles / 2545 km 2700 miles / 4300 km Sunnyvale Production IP core (10Gbps) SDN core (20-30-40-50 Gbps) MANs (20-60 Gbps) or backbone loops for site access International connections IP core hubs Primary DOE Labs SDN hubs High speed cross- connects with Ineternet2/Abilene Possible hubs USLHCNet


7 Regen DTN Core Node Drop DTN Other Level 3 Denver 1850 Pearl Kansas City GPN 1100 Walnut Seattle 1000 Denny Way Level 3 Portland 1335 NW Northrop Level 3 Sunnyvale 1380 Kifer Pacific Northwest GP 2001 6 th Ave Westin Bldg San Diego Portland Oregon GP 707 SW Washington Qwest San Francisco Sacramento Los Angeles CENIC 600 W 7th Equinix Los Angeles 818 W 7 th Level 3 Salt Lake Inter-Mountain GP Front Range GP 572 S DeLong Albuquerque New Mexico GP 104 Gold Ave SE Tulsa 18 W Archer Houston LEARN 1201 N I-45 Dallas San Antonio Baton Rouge LONI 9987 Burbank Chicago 600 W Chicago Detroit Chicago CIC/MREN BOREAS Internet2 710 N Lakeshore Starlight Atlanta 180 Peachtree St NW Birmingham Charlotte Raleigh 5301 Departure Dr Pittsburgh Pittsburgh GP 143 S 25th Washington MAX 1755 Old Meadow Philadelphia MAGPI 401 N Broad New York NYSERNET 32 A of the A New York 111 8 th Level 3 Cambridge NOX 300 Bent St Jacksonville FAMU&USF 4814 Phillips Hwy Indianapolis IU 1902 S East St Louisville Univ Louisville 848 S 8 th St via 1005 N B St El Paso 501 W Overland Nashville Univ Memphis 2990 Sidco Dr Cleveland TFN/MERIT 4000 Chester Albany 316 N Pearl Level 3 Ogden Rieth Boise Tionesta Rawlins Omaha St. Louis Eureka Reno Valentine Sanderson Raton Phoenix San Luis Obispo Mobile Tallahassee Syracuse Tucson Buffalo Rancho De La Fe (tentative) Edison Atlanta SLR 345 Courtland

8 US state/regional optical networks

9 Optical Network Technologies workshops – Past ONT workshops, most recent not yet there

10 CCIRN topics of interest in this area? Sharing experience managing, operating optical networks – Variety of levels of management Interconnecting optical networks – Trans-oceanic links SDH/SONET – Actual interoperability of equipment Nortel-Alcatel, Ciena-Alcatel tests ongoing, others? Collect results? – optical in the sense of lightpaths or circuits Coordination of manual, static set-up across domains Interoperability of respective control planes for dynamic set up across domains GLIF topics, CCIRN topics?

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