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CCIRN topic: diversity of inter- continental links Heather Boyles, Internet2

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1 CCIRN topic: diversity of inter- continental links Heather Boyles, Internet2

2 Topic of Coordination for CCIRN? Should we as R&E network operators do something about achieving more diversity in our inter-continental links connecting our respective networks?

3 Issues Currently no real coordination between R&E networks in procurement – often not aware of what cables others' links are being provisioned on – where multiple entities procuring for same route (e.g. Amsterdam-New York or Tokyo-LA), it could be that all of our circuits are on the same physical cable (even if procured from different vendors) – move to 'unprotected' circuits from vendors means more relying on backup with each other (e.g. JGN2 and TransPAC2, GEANT and NSF IRNC-funded links)

4 Questions Can we get information from vendors about which cable our circuits are on? (yes, seems to be the answer) – How to capture that information and share? – Are there issues in sharing publicly? Can we get those procuring circuits to consider diversity as a desirable feature or a proposal? – At what point in process is this information useful? Is it worth the effort? How big of an issue is this? – for routed IP, maybe not: enough multiple interconnections and open transit in R&E network community that occasionally cable outages don't mean complete unreachability (see the Taiwan straits case from New Year's 2007) - maybe just need more open transit policies, routing coordination – for circuit services, maybe so: less re-routablity (since not using IP routing)?

5 GEANT2 and other trans Atlantic links Courtesy: Guy Roberts, DANTE

6 LHC OPN Meeting, Munich Atlantic Ocean Circuit Status NYC 111 8th Pottington (UK) VSNL South NY 60 Hudson Highbridge VSNL North AMS-SARA AC-2 Bude GVA-CERN FrankfurtVSNL Wal, NJ London Global Crossing Qwest Colt GEANT NYC-MANLAN CHI-Starlight Paris Bellport Whitesands Unprotected circuits (lower cost) Service availability from providers offers: Colt Target Service Availability is 99.5% Global Crossing guarantees Wave Availability at 98% Canarie and GEANT: No Service Level Agreement (SLA) LCG Availability requirement: 99.95% Courtesy: Dan Nae, CalTech

7 Vendor Usage in Atlantic Global Crossing – SURFnet (1) – IRNC (1) (procured by SURFnet) – Internet2 – CANARIE VSNL IRNC ( – IEEAF – GEANT2 – LHCnet (one on north, one on south) FLAG – GEANT2 T-Systems – GEANT2 Qwest – LHCnet (Yellow/AC-2)

8 Cable Usage in the Atlantic VSNL North VSNL South AC-2/Yellow FLAG Atlantic-1 (FA 1) AC-1 – North – South TAT14

9 Pacific Diversity George…..

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