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ERNET India Education and Research Network, INDIA Ranjan Kumar

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1 ERNET India Education and Research Network, INDIA Ranjan Kumar

2 ERNET India Main Objectives Strengths
Set up and run a nationwide Network for Academic and Research community in India. Undertake and promote Research & Development (R&D) in the area of computer networking. Human resource Development in the area of computer networking. Host content in various disciplines for users in the education and research institutions. Domain Registration under,, and Strengths Support of Academic community Connectivity through any media. Reliable infrastructure

3 ERNET India Infrastructure Highlights
15 Point of presence (POPs) at premier E & R institutions in the country. STM-1(155Mbps)Ready Fiber-Optic Backbone Satellite Hub in C-band at Bangalore : Beaming 3 Transponder of 36 MHz Secure Network Infrastructure State of the art Network Control Centres at ERNET PoPs Training Lab for Network administrators and users

4 ERNET Backbone 4

5 INTERNET connectivity under various schemes
UGC Infonet 152 universities connected over ERNET backbone.- Scalable network Multimedia capabilities for video conferencing and distance learning ICAR Net A total of 277 institutions connected. Network to support applications such as VOIP,IP,FAX, Video conferencing. NVS Net NVS Head quarters at New Delhi,200 schools, 8 regional centres & 5 Training Centers AICTE Net Connectivity to AICTE recognized colleges and regional centers. A total of 48 institutions connected. Very Large potential


7 IPv6 in ERNET ERNET is running IPv4/IPv6 dual stack backbone
Any user in ERNET can be provided IPv6 connectivity

8 Routing in ERNET Each ERNET PoP is connected to one or more upstream internet service provider e.g. Reliance, Bharti. ERNET PoPs at Delhi , Mumbai, kolkata & Chennai have peering with NIXI ( Network Internet Exchnage of India). ERNET PoP at C-DAC Mumbai has peering with European Research Network GEANT. Routing information between various PoPs is exchanged through OSPF.

9 Connectivity with European Research Network GEANT

10 ERNET- GEANT Connectivity
To provide direct connection between the two region to support current & potential co-operative research between two regions. Share each others resources. Regular IP traffic between ERNET & GEANT

11 ERNET Connectivity with European Grid
Univ. of Jammu Panjab Univ. Chandigarh Delhi (DU) Univ. of Raj. Jaipur IIT Guwahati AMU IIT Kanpur CAT Indore VECC Kolkata 45 Mbps IPLC Mumbai IUCAA Pune IOP Bhubaneshwar (TIFR,BARC) Univ. of Hyderabad Multi-Gigabit pan-European Research Network Connecting 32 European Countries and 28 NRENs Backbone capacity in the range of: 34Mb/s-10Gb/s IIT Chennai ERNET PoPs VSAT Hub IISC Banglore Universities / R&D Institutions proposed to be connected in Ist Phase AT BE CH CY CZ HR HU IE IL GR DE DK EE ES FI FR Austria Germany Belgium Cyprus Switzerland Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland Spain Greece France IS IT LT LU LV MT NL NO PL PT RO SE SI SK Croatia Hungary Ireland Israel Iceland Italy Lithuania Luxembourg Netherlands Latvia Norway Malta Poland Portugal Romania Sweden Slovenia Slovakia TR UK United Kingdom Turkey Additional Links Proposed ERNET Backbone Links

12 VPN Cloud connecting Punjab University, DU, Viswabharti Shanti Niketan
DANTE POP AT ITALY TIFR MUMBAI ERNET POP AT CDAC MUMBAI BARC MUMBAI VECC VECC, KOLKATA VPN Cloud connecting Punjab University, Aligarh University, University of Rajasthan, Jammu University, Institute of Physics ERNET Cloud INTERNET 6 Mbps 34 Mbps 45 Mbps IPLC 10 Mbps 34 Mbps 34 Mbps

13 GARUDA NETWORK GARUDA is a collaboration of Science researchers and experimenters on nation wide computational Grid having hardware and software infrastructure that provides dependable, consistent, pervasive, and inexpensive access to high end computational capabilities. GARUDA has a total backbone capacity of 2.4 Gbps. It connects a total of 45 institutes in 17 cities across India. 22 Institutes have been connected at 100 Mbps and 23 institutes at 10 Mbps bandwidth. GARUDA is being used for applications in the field of Bio-Informatics, Weather Forecasting, Astronomy, Earthquake etc.


15 Summary ERNET (Education and Research Network) was the first dedicated and integrated step towards encouraging and enabling the research and education community in the country. Recently the backbone for ERNET India has been redesigned as per the requirement for deployment of MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) in ERNET backbone. Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) has been deployed over ERNET India’s backbone. Deployment of MPLS has enabled ERNET India to offer its users MPLS VPN services. The backbone of ERNET is dual stack. It means ERNET backbone can support IPv6 & IPv4 traffic simultaneously. ERNET can provide IPv6 connectivity to its users. Internet bandwidth is distributed across the PoPs for redundancy.

16 Thank You

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