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1 Literary Picture Dictionary By Paul Dunn and Andre Morris.

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1 1 Literary Picture Dictionary By Paul Dunn and Andre Morris

2 2 Index  Exposition, Antagonist (p.3)  Protagonist, Plot (p.4)  Setting, Climax (p.5)  Conflict, Metaphor (p.6)  Simile, Personification (p.7)  Flashback, Foreshadowing (p.8)  Theme, Resolution (p.9)  Dialogue, Symbol (p.10)  Rising Action, Flat Character (p.11)  Round Character, Tone (p.12)  First Person, Third Person (p.13)  Point of View (p.14)

3 3 Exposition Antagonist  Background Information shown in a story  Character that tries to ruin the main character

4 4 Protagonist Plot  The hero or helper in the story; Good guy  Sequence of events that take place throughout the story

5 5 Setting Climax  Time and place the story takes place  The turning point and main event of the story; the end of the uprisings

6 6 Conflict Metaphor  Encounter and problem between the antagonist and protagonist; Internal inside the characters head  A comparison without the use of “like” or “as” made in a story

7 7 Simile Personification  A comparison made between two things using “like” or “as” or both  A figure of speech where an inanimate object is given human or living characteristics

8 8 Flashback Foreshadowing  Time in a story where the character refers back into the past; has a past-time vision  An event in a story where a character mentions something that hints something in the future

9 9 Theme Resolution  Offset Idea in literary work  A happening in the story after the climax that shows how it turns out afterwards

10 10 Dialogue Symbol  Speech; talking during a play, story, or movie  An object in the story that represents something

11 11 Rising Action Flat character  Time in the story that works up to the climax  Characters that can be described briefly and in little words

12 12 Round Character Tone  Much more complex and detailed than a flat character; many words to describe them  The attitude of the author toward his/her subject

13 13 First Person Third Person  A story told by the narrator  A story told from all points of view

14 14 Point of View  The perspective of the story that is being seen by the reader and author

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